ASME General Body Meeting #1

Chairman: Alain Khella
Vice Chairman: Massie Hashimi
Treasurer: Stephan Phan
Secretary: Elvia Torres
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ryan

  1. The first meeting of the semester: February 12, 2001, 7:00pm, Tuesday, EN2161

    • Is this a good time for everybody?
    • Membership: $10 for second semester.
  2. San Francisquito Power Plant Tour: February 16, Saturday, 8:00am, San Francisquito
  3. National Fuel Cell Center Tour: February 22, Friday, 1:00pm, Irvine
  4. Young Engineer’s Day: March 15, Friday
  5. Regional Student Conference: UC Irvine, March 23-24
  6. Engineering Madness: Basketball Tournment, March 31, Sunday
  7. TV Taping Fundraising
  8. Open Forum


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