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Roadmaps to Graduation

News and Information


Academic Advisement

EOP Satellite Services

Student Development

Staff / Location


The Student Resource Center / EOP is located in Nordhoff Hall –– Room 135.

Phone Number

(818) 677-2024

Office Hours

MRF from 8 AM - 5 PM

TW from 8 AM - 7 PM
(Fall and Spring only)



Director –– Maria Valiton

Advisement Coordinator –– Larry Arbino

EOP Services Senior Adviser –– Miguel Hernadez

SRC/EOP Adviser –– Esther Pla

EOP Services Adviser –– Dinah Nucum

Administrative Support –– Sylvia Peatman


Paraprofessional Staff –– Peer Mentors

The Student Resource Center / EOP is staffed by a talented and dedicated group of peer mentors trained to assist students in a variety of the services our office provides. In many ways, the SRC/EOP could not exist without the exceptional student-to-student support our peer mentors bring to students in our college.