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Grades Matter

In order to graduate from CSUN, you will need to earn at least a "C" average in certain areas. A "C" average on a 4 point scale translates into a 2.0 average. If you do not meet these grade point minimums you may not be eligible to graduate, even if you have completed all other requirements of the degree. The areas you must earn a “C” average in are the following:

What is Probation?

When your cumulative or CSUN grade point average drops below 2.0 you will be placed on Probation. You will stay on Probation as long as your grade point average is below 2.0 or until you are Disqualified. Probation serves as an academic warning that you have a serious problem beginning to develop in your studies. As long as you are on Probation, you will be limited to no more than 12 units of enrollment per semester.

What is Disqualification?

Disqualification is academic dismissal from the university and this dismissal may be permanent. Undergraduate students on academic probation will be disqualified when:

Grades, Grade Points and GPA

For every letter grade you earn, there are a corresponding number of grade points that are added into your totals. The following chart can be used to determine the number of grade points awarded for each letter grade.

Grade Point Chart
Units Letter Grade Grade Points
1 A 4
1 A- 3.7
1 B+ 3.3
1 B 3
1 B- 2.7
1 C+ 2.3
1 C 2
1 C- 1.7
1 D+ 1.3
1 D 1
1 D- 0.7
1 F/U 0

For courses that are worth more than 1 unit, multiply the number of units awarded for the course by the number of grade points from above. Your GPA is calculated by dividing the total number grade points earned by the total number of units attempted (all courses in which you received a letter grade (A – F).

GPA = grade points divided by units attempted

Graphic depicts math formulas for calculating GPA

Calculating New GPA

To calculate how a particular course will change the GPA: start with the number of grade points you have already earned (Gpts). Then add to this the number of grade points you expect to earn for the new course (new Gpts). Add the new units attempted (new UA) to the units you have already attempted (UA) and then do the division.

New GPA = Gpts + new Gpts divided by UA + new UA