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Graduation Requirements

There are eight requirements that must be satisfied in order to graduate with a Bachelor's degree

  1. Completion of applicable General Education program requirements.
  2. Completion of Title V Requirements in American History, Ideals; the Constitution of the U.S.; and State and Local Government.
  3. Completion of the requirements of the major.
  4. Completion of Total Units Minimums :
    B.A. - minimum of 120-124 units (40 units upper division)
    B.S. - minimum of 120-135 units (36-47 units upper division)
    B.M. - minimum of 126 units (40 units upper division).
  5. Completion of Grade Point Average requirements:
    minimum of 2.0 in Cum GPA (all units attempted in degree)
    minimum of 2.0 in CSUN GPA (all units attempted at CSUN)
    minimum of 2.0 in major (all upper division units in major)
    minimum of 2.0 in minor (all upper division units in minor).
  6. Completion of Residence requirements:
    minimum of 30 units completed in residence at CSUN; 24 of the 30 units must be in upper division coursework; 12 units must be in the major and 9 units must be in GE.
  7. Completion of Writing Skills requirements (completion of GE A-1 and passing the Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam).
  8. Formal approval to graduate (file when 90 or more units have been completed or within 2-3 semesters of finishing requirements).