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Executive Order 665

The California State University Chancellor's Office has issued Executive Order 665 requiring that all first-time freshmen who have been admitted Fall 1998 or later to the 23 campus system complete all remedial courses within their first year of enrollment. For freshmen, there are three main requirements to this order:

Testing Requirement

All non-exempt students shall be required to take the ELM and/or EPT examinations after admission and before enrollment in the CSU.

Please use the test dates link for information concerning the current test schedule for the ELM/EPT tests within the Cal State System.

Enrollment Requirement

Students MUST register in the appropriate developmental coursework as indicated by their ELM/EPT test scores beginning in their first semester and continuing without break every semester until all developmental coursework is completed.

Timeliness Requirement

Students are given a maximum of one calendar year to complete all required developmental coursework. Students who fail to meet this timeliness requirement will be required to Stop-out and attend another institution until such time as they have completed both GE Writing and GE Math with a grade of "C" or better.

Students who are in good standing and who have been stopped-out due to EO-665 are automatically granted two consecutive semesters of academic leave.