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First Time Freshmen Enrollment and Registration Information

Eligible freshmen, within the Mike Curb College of Arts, Media, and Communication (majors: Art, CTVA, Communication Studies, Journalism, Music, and Theatre), who are either exempt from the ELM/EPT or have completed them and whose scores are present at CSUN will be REQUIRED TO SEEK ADVISEMENT THROUGH THE MCCAMC STUDENT RESOURCE CENTER/EOP. Registration for first-time freshmen will occur in the first advisement session. For information on scheduling an advisement and registration session and to access the First-time Freshman Checklist please click here to see First-time Freshman Welcome Letter.

First Time Transfer Enrollment and Registration Information

For eligible First Time Transfers in our college, academic advisement is not mandatory via the MCCAMC Student Resource Center/EOP office. However, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. For those transfer students who would like our assistance in preparing for enrollment, our Center has planned a series of advisement information sessions. For information on scheduling one of these sessions and to access the First-time Transfer Checklist, please click here to see First-time Transfer Welcome Letter.