Text Box: This is a picture of six palm trees at a resort in Maui. It is beautiful beacuse the maui sunset has created a beautiful night lighting effect on the palm trees.This is a picture of Big beach in Maui on a summer day. Big beach is a popular beach in Maui where a lot of toursists go. There is lush green vegitation on the mountatins and fine yellow sand. The picture also captures the many tourists visiting the beach and even one tourist playin in the water to the right.This is a picture of the ocean in maui on beautiful spring day. the water is very blue and the clouds are fluffly and white. The sun makes the blue water shimmer. there is no beach or sand visible in this picture, only ocean.This is another picture of the beautiful maui ocean on summer day. I am taking this picture off the side of a cliff. There is some grass and rocks on the cliff then you just see beautiful blue ocean waters and perfectly formed white fluffy clouds in the sky.A Beautiful Summer day in Manhattan Beach...Overlooking Manhattan Beach Peer

The  bright blue waters of Maui on beautiful sunny day.

Six Palm Trees and a Maui sunset

Big Beach, Maui: A combination of Lush green vegetation, fine sand, and ocean waters.

A view from above a cliff: The  bright blue waters of Maui on beautiful sunny day.

Manhattan Beach Peer, CA: A beautiful sunny summer beach day, clear cloudless sky, hot sun, white sand, and many people laying out and riding bikes.

Drive - Incubus

“Drive” by Incubus” (The song playing), is one of my favorite songs… The lyrics “Whatever tomorrow brings, I’ll be there… With open arms and open eyes yeah” is representative of how I aspire to live all my tomorrows. Hearing this song reminds me to surrender and embrace the unknown of the future with trust and confidence that I will be okay no matter what comes my way.

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