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This list is a compilation of CSUN English Dept. graduates that have contacted the Dept. alerting us of their interest to tutor current CSUN students.

CAVEAT: AGSE does not take responsibility for the credentials of the persons listed here. They are independent of any CSUN program or organization.Tutors each decide their own hourly rate of pay and schedule of available hours, as discussed, negotiated or decided with each client.

Sheena Bliss

(805) 279-2295


Alexa Dimakos

Office phone: (818) 677-0921

Hours to contact: MWF 12-2PM or by email


Cynthia Glucksman

(alt. email)


Jordan Ikeda



Kelan Koning

(818) 439-8315


Jaimi Leess



Mindee Lieske

(909) 935-9595


Jane Minogue

(818) 667-8347


Amber Norwood


Sara Rossini

(818) 376-1399


Sevan Salibian


Judy Saunders

(818) 502-1045


Vilma Villela

Office phone: (818) 677-6469

Office hours: Fri 11:00-1:00


Faye Zaman