646-4 Simulated Experiments

(1) Internet-Based Science Experiments - 3 lesson plans with online simmulations



Boyle's Law


(2) Physics Experiments (Interactive Physics)

(a) Basketball: hoop and shoot a basket

(b) Shooting gallery: A target is dropped the instant a gun is fired. Should the marksman aim at the target, above the target, or below the target in order to intercept it as it falls? The target should be aimed as the target and the shot have the same gravitational force to undergo.

(c) Falling Objects Galielo said that objects accelerate to the earth at the same rate, regardless of mass.

(d) Factors affecting the period of a pendulum. The period of a pendulum is only dependent upon its length.

(e) Simple Harmonic motion. Do a pendulum or a spring exhibit simple harmonic motion? both do.

(f) Velocity and acceleration of a projectile. If the horizontal velocity is constant then the horizontal acceleration is zero. If the vertical velocity is increasing, then gravity is constant.