(1) Databases

(2) Spreadsheets & Graphing

(3) Biological Databases

Dichotomy tree

(a) Research 3 biological databases. Include links to the data, and describe how it would be used.

(b) Give a specific example of how you could use online biological databases to enhance your instruction in a biology or physiology classroom.

(c) Write a higher-order question that would require students to analyze data from one of the databases.


(4) Chemical Databases

(a) Advantages of using an interactive periodic table compared to a traditional periodic table:

  1. Immediate access to a voluminous amount of information ranging from atomic number to boiling and melting points to inonization energy, and even history of elements. These tables are very accessible in the internet.
  2. The information in interactive periodic tables are more accurate and updated.
  3. Learning with computers is much more fun! Most learners are more interested when learning involves kinesthetics (clicking away in this case).

(b) A question that could be answered easily with an interactive periodic table is: click on gold, What are 3 forms in which gold is availabl? And in your own words describe how gold is isolated. (Students can accomplish these 3 tasks for a number of elements)

Periodic Tables

(5) Nutrition Analysis

(a) Attach a printout of the analysis of your daily diet. (see image bellow)

(b) Written summary of my diet and recommendations for improvement.

According to this chart, I need to cut down on fats and salts. More intake of vegetables will make my diet a bit healthier.

(6) Analyzing experimental data

Import, format, graph, and analyze class data on reaction time

Analyze class experimental data for a study such as this one on mitosis. (see movie for (1) statistics; (2) graph)

Dihybrid Cross - AP Biology genetics lab (corn)

(7) Solving problems with spreadsheets

Determine the energy of reaction of the combustion of methane (CH4) or other molecule.

Express the measurements of a scale model of the solar system designed to fill your classroom or the football field.

**See next picture

Expressing the relative sizes or distances of the planets in graphic form.

(8) Solving problems by graphing

Completed above.

(9) Statistical analysis

Answers in #2

(10) GPS / Mapping

GPS uses satellites that orbit the Earth to triangulate a particular location. The GPS device needs to know the location of the three satellites above the satellite and the distance between the device and each satellite (information from how stuff works). GPS devices are used for an infinite number of reasons and anywhere on the Earth. Students can use it to represent a route around the campus, as we did, or a round around the park, a mountain, etc.

CSUN GPS Photos: Dita, Miha, Arleni, Sojin

GPS Excel File

Fieldtrip around CSUN: kmz file