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I graduated from Belmont High School. From Mount St. Mary's College I earned a Bachelors of Science in Biology, a minor in Chemistry, and a secondary teaching credential. Learning is rewarding and that is why I am now working on my Masters of Science Education at CSUN.

Since July 2001 I have been teaching Biology at Belmont High School. I also taught AP biology for two years and I always teach EI Biology. Belmont has given me many opportunities to contribute in various projects outside of the classroom, such as developing and implementing academic workshops for parents and students. I have also been a member of the Shared Decision Making Council and the School Site Council.

Since the summer of 2003 I have been working arduously to found and maintain our small learning community, the International School of Languages (ISOL). ISOL is my second family. And for many of our students, ISOL is the only stable support.

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I was born in Guatemala and I moved to the US at 14. I enjoy the simple life, perhaps because I grew up on a farm. I now live in Culver City with my 15-year-old son, Robert. He attends Culver High and he is a member of the water polo team.

Things that I enjoy are going to the farmers' market every week, walking at the beach and hiking, and taking road trips. Every year, my son and I try to visit family in Guatemala and friends in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

I love teaching biology because it covers so many topics, from the chemical composition of life to the interactions between organisms and the continuity of life. Every living thing in this world seems to have a role, and one of my goals is to help my students discover or solidify a positive role in society and our natural world. In my class students also learn many life skills, such as how to organize their time and materials and how to set personal and academic goals.

In the near future, I wish to travel with my students to places such as Costa Rica, Peten Guatemala, the Amazon, the Galapagos, etc., to appreciate the biodiversity in those places.

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As soon as I earn my MA in Science Education, I would like to work on my National Board Certification. After that I really need to take a break from school and spend more time with my son. He will be going to college soon! My ultimate dream is having my Doctorate, working on research projects and traveling around the world in collaboration with students and colleagues at different schools and organizations.

For now, it would be ideal to have a big garden behind my classroom at the new Belmont school (if it ever opens!) or at another school (maybe outside of California).

My action research project focuses on the impact of student-led presentations on motivation and achievement in Biology. I am helping studens become aware of the knowledge they already have, the capacity they have to learn, and the opportunities they have to communicate their achievements. They may be in a school with a poor public image, but it does not mean they have to live up to it. They need to take responsibility and control of their own education.

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