Association for Computing Machinery - California State University Northridge

Minutes for the Meeting of 4 February 2009

4 February, 12:30pm - JD4440

Attending: Dr. Noga, Brian Miller, Joe R., Kevork S., Jack W., Kim S., A.J. Ruiz, Ian H., Derrick Jones, Rozheh K.

  • ACM Kick-Off Meeting
    • Majority agrees that the focus should be on programming projects
    • Other interests include
      • Making contacts with professionals in the industry (specifically the private sector)
      • Guest lecturers
      • Learning new programming languages
  • Projects
    • iPhone Development
      • Many members in support of it
      • seminar available through apple campus rep
      • Need to figure out when most members would be available to take the seminar (Most likely Saturday)
    • Andriod Development (Alternative to iPhone SDK)
    • Web Projects
    • HPC Projects
    • Email Projects (Weigley has an email research project)
  • Programming Languages
  • Introduction to any language that someone on campus knows
    • Functional (Haskell, Lisp, Erlang)
    • Scripting (Python, Ruby, PHP)
    • Logical (Prolog)
  • Lecture Topics
    • Software Engineering
    • Industry Trends
    • Databases
    • Web Development
  • Contacts with industry can be accomplished by contacting companies like HP, Apple, Google, and asking them to send a rep to train a class on a certain technology. Unfortunately it all depends on attendance