Association for Computing Machinery - California State University Northridge

Minutes for the Meeting of 20 March 2007

20 March 2007, 5:08pm - JD4440

Attending: Noga, Steven, Bill, Alex, Victor

  • Finance
    • Turned in transfer request, waiting for response from AS
    • Need to get mileage reimbursement forms back from Roberto
  • Programming contest
    • Bill got PC^2 installed on his computer
    • Haven't made LiveCD yet - can use something like Ubuntu CCK
    • Need to go back to NSP lab sometime to get PC^2 working over network
      • Get server set up - server/judge/admin can all be on one computer
      • This Saturday, 11am, JD1602 - Bill, Alex, Roberto, Noga will be all be there at least part of the time
  • Automated plane
    • IRA request for $6200 was submitted today, if we get funds available in fall
    • Only thing left for this semester is to submit fund request for AS - process takes about 4 weeks, need to get it by June
    • To increase funding chances, get sponsor - industry sponsor, manufacturer, etc.
    • Need to create a basic (not final) configuration for all parts we need
    • Ashley Genge in ECE dept is heading the robot helicopter program, can get input from her
    • Victor will head
  • Bylaws
    • Takes 2-3 weeks after we send it in to become official ACM student chapter
    • Base it off of sample by-laws
    • Try to make it coincide with bylaws submitted to AS as much as possible
    • Done by next week if possible
    • Steven will head, Alex will help
  • Noga still waiting on contact from the potential speakers
  • Victor mentioned IT contest at Cal Poly Pomona on April 21, Alex to look into it

Meeting ended 5:58pm.