Association for Computing Machinery - California State University Northridge

Minutes for the Meeting of 13 March 2007

13 March 2007, 5:10pm - JD2214

Attending: Bill, Steven, Alex, Roberto, Noga

  • Computers for contest in NSP running, software installed
    • Should be able to have regular contests as soon as that's done
    • Host contest server somewhere, e.g. Noga's comp or K200
    • Make LiveCD when software issues resolved
  • Noga still in contact with Activision & Aerospace Corp people for presentations
  • Dealt with JD4440 conflict, should have the room every Tuesday from now on
  • Alex will find out how to look at our AS account online
  • Noga has been reimbursed for comptetition stuff from last semester
  • Bill talked to our AS senator
    • AS does not cover any outside organization dues
    • AS will pay for one event, for 2 people up to $300 each for travel reimbursement
      • Robert & Matt drove from Northridge to Riverside
      • Need to turn in paperwork + Mapquest map
    • AS guy liked the robot plane idea
      • IRA currently partially funds forumla 1 car, plane similar
      • Wiegley is sponsor
      • Need to figure out how much we need
      • Would like to get the money before the end of this semester
      • So we need to get approved by end of April
      • So we need to get funding requirements done soon
      • Dana Wall says IEEE is currently working on a robot helicopter, but not working

Meeting ended 5:52pm.