Association for Computing Machinery - California State University Northridge

Minutes for the Meeting of 5 October 2006

9 November 2006, 5:05pm - JD1622C

Attending: Bill, Steven, Robert, Alex, Werner, Vahagan, Matthew, Noga

  • Perry Kass from Rhythm & Hues on “Computer Science in the Visual Effects Industry”
    • 11/16 3:30 to 5pm in JD1618
    • He will play a short DVD, speak, and answer questions.
  • Nov 30 - 20-30min tour of ECS IT (CSUN1, Atlas, K200, etc.)
    • 5pm, with a second tour at 5:30 if overflow
    • Steven will email our members
    • “Come see a million-dollar supercomputer!”
    • Weigley's NSP lab afterwards to talk about hacking? (e.g. 5:30/5)
  • No commitment from Aerospace Corporation yet.
  • Got hotel rooms for Friday night for regional ACM contest in Riverside

Meeting ended 5:50pm.