Association for Computing Machinery - California State University Northridge

Minutes for the Meeting of 5 October 2006

12 October 2006, 5:00pm - JD2214

Attending: Bill, Steven, Robert, Alex, Aaron Trank, Noga

  • Aaron will see if we can arrange a tour of ITR data center in Sequoia Hall
  • Barnes still working on Rhythm & Hues
    • First choice last Thurs in Oct, second choice first Thurs in Nov
  • Noga working on the Aerospace Corporation
  • Robert suggested playing a game w/ SHPE
  • Steven to give paperwork from C&O conference on Sat to Bill
  • Alex to figure out how to access our donor funds
    • We should use our AS funds first
  • Bill & Alex to figure out how to get funds from AS
  • Bill will get CS and SC to test a LAN game next Thurs

Meeting ended 5:40pm.