Association for Computing Machinery - California State University Northridge

Minutes for the Meeting of 5 October 2006

5 October 2006, 5:00pm - JD4440

Attending: Bill, Steven, Robert, Aaron Trank, Noga

  • Bill contacted outreach people - no response so far, will try again
  • Barnes hasn't had contact from R&H in 3 weeks - will contact again
  • Mandatory meeting Saturday - Steven attending, maybe Alex
  • Steven to email list about the programming contest
  • Give something to Barnes for his presentation? Something like $50 rebate CC. Bill will ask Noga about it
  • JPL contact? Aaron will try to contact
  • Bill will contact Dana about IEEE events
  • Reserve 4440 every Thursday? Bill will talk to Sally
  • Send letter to the guy who gives money to us?
  • Final paperwork for ACM official standing - Bill will work on it

Meeting ended 6:00pm.