Association for Computing Machinery - California State University Northridge

Minutes for the Meeting of 21 September 2006

21 September 2006, 4:50pm - JD4440

Attending: Bill, Steven, Robert, Aaron Trank

  • JPL contact - Tracy Greene is working there just in case Sutter contact doesn't work
  • Barnes lecture: Thurs 4:50pm JD4440, OK to bring food/drink
    • “Graphics, Games, and VR in CS @ CSUN”
    • Demonstrations of VR goggles & gloves
    • Graphics program at CSUN
    • Information on the job market
  • Clubs and Organizations Recognition Conference - Oct 7 9-5pm
    • Steven will go, will ask Alex if he can go
  • Competition website
  • Website ADA compliant? Yes.
  • ACM long-term project ideas
    • Project from 5 years ago - code still around?
    • 3D VR tour of campus
    • Program to schedule room & class use
      • If written as a Java servelt, maybe incorporate into Portal
      • Can also use it to find class schedules for students
      • Discussion forum for CSUN
  • High Tech High, Moorpark Computer Academy - Bill will contact CSUN student outreach
  • Robert to talk to Dana Wall next week about a game w/ IEEE

Meeting ended 5:55pm.