Association for Computing Machinery - California State University Northridge

Minutes for the Meeting of 12 September 2006

12 September 2006, 5pm - JD4440

Attending: Noga, Bill, Steven, Alex

  • Kick-off: we're set for Thursday
  • Barnes lecture: 9/28, we have a room reserved for 5-7pm
  • Robert will have a presentation of programming challenges & weekly problems soon
  • Alex setting up T-shirt contest
    • Have them turn in entries after a couple weeks
    • Some award for best design
    • If it has the ACM logo, it needs to be the official one
  • Fundraising: if we contact any companies, Tammy probably has an in already
  • Alex to contact Tammy - have Tammy talk to Barnes if she wants to be involved w/ setting up the event with Jay Miya
  • Local ACM event near LAX tomorrow - Bill will email everybody about it
  • Steven will add external items of interest to website
  • Steven said Noga should email helpdesk about getting PHP/MySQL

Meeting ended 5:35pm.