Association for Computing Machinery - California State University Northridge

Weekly Programming Contests

NORTHRIDGE, Calif., April 5, 2007 - On Tuesday, April 10 the Association for Computing Machinery is starting a series of weekly programming contests open to all students. The contests will be held in JD1602. The contest rules and practice session start at 5 pm and the contest will run 1½ to 2 hours. We currently have room for four teams. Each team can consist of one, two, or three students.

There will be prizes for each member of the winning team. To enter, email your request to us. Entries are first come first serve. If you already have a two-person or three-person team, send one email for the team and supply the name of each student on the team. Single players and two-person teams may be combined to form two-person or three-person teams.

The programs can be submitted in C, C++, or Java. Available editors are jGRASP, vi, nano, pico, gedit, emacs, and Eclipse. A "judge" program runs the team’s submission and compares the output to the correct output. The result (correct, wrong, did not compile, etc.) is sent back to the team’s computer.

If you are unfamiliar with programming contests and would like to see some sample problems, visit or

If you have questions about the contest or problems, email us.

Other possible contest times are Thursdays at 5 pm or Saturdays at 10 or 11 am. If you cannot make the Tuesday time or would like to have a longer contest, probably on a Saturday, email us. The regional contests, which are each November, run for five hours. If enough students are interested, I would like to run a full 5 hour contest on Saturday, May 5.

Previous contests:

Date Winners Problems & Solutions
10 April 2007 Jason Carmi & Brian Meadows Download
17 April 2007 Steven Barnett Download
1 May 2007 Daniel Frankel & Steven Barnett Download