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Gender & Women's studies minor



GWS Chair

The Department Chair for Gender & Women's Studies is Dr. Sheena Malhotra

Please follow the link to Dr. Malhotra's webpage (below) for her office hours and contact information.


Dr. Dianne Bartlow will serve as the Advisor for Gender & Women's Studies in 2009-2010.

Please come in and see the GWS Advisor if you have any questions about your class scheduling or if you are considering Gender & Women's Studies as a major or minor.

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Gender & Women's Studies Minor Requirements

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Students who declare themselves Gender & Women's Studies minors must take 3 core courses (9 units), plus 3 courses (9 units) of Gender and Women's Studies electives.

Students who have already taken some Gender and Women's Studies electives may apply them retroactively to the minor.

The Gender and Women's Studies minor compliments many majors such as Psychology, Sociology, English, Communication, Business, Law, etc. It provides a background for various careers such as law, counseling and healthcare or advanced graduate degrees in fields such as Women's Studies, education, communication, politic, cultural and media studies.

Requirements for the Minor

The minor in Gender & Women's Studies is an 18 unit minor. It consists of 3 required courses (1 lower division and 2 upper division), plus 3 electives.

Required Courses - Lower Division (3 Units)

Students are required to take EITHER GWS 100 or GWS 110 to fulfill lower division requirements

GWS100 - Introduction to Women's Studies (3)

An interdisciplinary study of women in American society, including such topics as social conditions, laws, symbols, values, communication, and power. (Available for General Education, Comparative Cultural Studies F-3)


GWS110 - Women, Work, and the Family (3)

Focuses on historical and contemporary relationship between home and community work and the marketplace within which women perform.   Examines the differences in experience of work and family as these are shaped by race, class, gender and sexuality. (Available for General Education, Comparative Cultural Studies.)


Upper Division Requirements (6 Units)

GWS 301 - Feminist Theories

Prerequisite: GWS100, GWS110 or GWS300, or consent of the instructor. Course explores many different kinds of feminist theories historical and contemporary (Fall Semester Only).

GWS350- Intersections of Gender, Race, Class and Sexuality (3)

Course examines historical and contemporary issues surrounding the diversity of women living in the U.S. Gender, race, socio-economic class and sexuality are presented as central theoretical concepts and as conditions of experience that affect all women and men, as well as being primary categories of social relations for us all.


Upper Division Electives (9 Units)

You are required to complete three electives for the GWS minor. Select ANY three courses from the following list of courses. All units must be at the 300 or 400-level with an optional elective course at the 200 level.

Upper-division elective courses for majors as well as experimental and selected topics courses (upon approval of the GWS Chair or Advisor) may fulfill electives required for the Gender and Women's Studies minor.


AAS 340 Asian American Women (3)
ANTH 308 Women, Sex Roles and Culture (3)
ART 468 Women in the Visual Arts (3)
BLAW 391 Women and the Law (3)
CHS 246 Contemporary Issues of the Chicana (3)
CHS 346 History of the Chicana/Mexicana (3)
CHS 365 Third World Women & the Chicana (3)
COMS 335 Studies in Women's Rhetoric (3)
COMS 360 Communication and the Sexes (3)
COMS 435 Rhetoric of Women (3)
CTVA 413 Women as Filmmakers (3)
ENGL 369   Lesbian Writers (3)
ENGL 431 Images of Women in Literature (3)
ENGL 433   Survey of Women Authors (3)
ENGL 434 Nineteenth Century Women Novelists (3)
GWS 320 Women and Urban Life (3)
GWS 340 Women, Gender and Global Development
GWS 360 Feminist Ethics
GWS 370 Women and Violence
GWS 380 Sexual and Reproductive Health
GWS 410 Sex, Lies & Media (3)
GWS 420 Women and Gender in Islamic Societies (3)
HSCI 231 Introduction to Public Policy (3)
HIST 349 Women in American History (3)
HIST 350 History of Women (3)
JS 330 Women in the Jewish Experience (3)
JOUR 371 Women and the Media (3)
LSRC 330 Women, Leisure, and Ethnicity in the U.S. (3)
PAS 324 The Black Woman in Contemporary Times (3)
PHIL 348 Philosophy and Feminism (3)
POLS 448 Women and Politics (3)
RS 304 Women and Religion (3)
SOC 324 Sociology of Sex Roles (3)
SOC 325 Sex Roles and Work (3)

Total Number of Units........18