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The Cal State Northridge Writing Project

"The Strategic Instruction Model is a comprehensive, research-validated approach to adolescent literacy that addresses the needs of students to be able to read and understand large volumes of complex materials as well as their need to be able to express themselves effectively in writing. "


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Cal State Northridge Writing Project
Kathleen D. Rowlands, Director
Michael D. Eisner College of Education
18111 Nordhoff Street
Northridge, CA 91330-8265

CAL-SIM Conference

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"How Do I Start?"

"What Do I Write?"

WHAT:Training Workshops in a SIM Content Enhancement Routine or Learning Strategy that will help you teach your students how to gather and organize their ideas and knowledge for a variety of academic writing assignments.

Full and Half Day Workshops for Teachers, Educational Therapists, Credential Candidates, and Tutors. All registration fees include lunch, the general session, and the specific manual(s) for your sessions.

OPTIONS: 1. Attend the “Full Day” by choosing one Morning Session plus one Afternoon Session workshop OR one Full Day Session workshop.


2. Attend only the Morning OR Afternoon Session for “Half Day.”

All Registration fees include lunch, the General Session, and the specific manual(s) for the workshop(s) you register for.


EDIT Strategy: The EDIT Strategy enables students to find and correct errors on assignments created using a word processor. Students learn to enter their first draft into a word processing program, perform a spell check, run through the COPS Questions (related to capitalization, overall appearance, punctuation, and substance of the paper), and make the needed corrections. Participants will need a laptop. Appropriate for grades 5-12.

Framing Routine: Teachers and students use the Framing Routine in conjunction with a graphic organizer called a “Frame” to develop a thorough understanding of information associated with key topics and main ideas. The Frame, a concrete representation of abstract ideas, helps students study essential information and focus on relationships between main ideas and details as well as among several main ideas. Appropriate for grades 2-12.

Afternoon Session and Lunch

Concept Comparison Routine: The Concept Comparison Routine is designed to help students understand concepts by analyzing how they are the same and how they are different. Through use of the routine, teachers and students explore the characteristics of two or more concepts, identify the characteristics that are shared or not shared by the concepts, name overarching categories for sets of characteristics they have identified, and summarize the similarities and differences. Appropriate for grades 2-12.

Question Exploration Routine: The Question Exploration Routine is a package of instructional methods that teachers can use to help a diverse student population understand a body of content information by carefully answering a “critical question” to arrive at a main idea answer. Appropriate for grades 5-12.

Full Day Session and Lunch

Fundamentals in the Sentence Writing Strategy: Instruction in Fundamentals in the Sentence Writing Strategy is appropriate for students who need a thorough grounding in basic concepts and terms, such as “subject,” “verb,” “infinitive” or “helping verb.” Fundamentals in the Sentence Writing Strategy can be used as a developmental writing curriculum or as a quick set of lessons to improve students’ understanding of these concepts. Appropriate for grades K-12.

Paragraph Writing Strategy: With the Paragraph Writing Strategy, students learn to list ideas related to a topic, plan the point of view and verb tense to be used in the paragraph, plan the sequence in which ideas will be expressed, and write a variety of topic, detail, and clincher sentences. Appropriate for grades 5-12.

WHERE: Westmark School in Encino, California

WHEN: Saturday, April 14, 2018 from 8:30 am until 3:30 pm.

CLICK HERE to register and pay for full or half day attendance and to make lunch selection.

If you prefer, print the attached FORM and send with a check made out to Beth Lasky. Mail to:

Beth Lasky

Department of Special Education

California State University, Northridge

18111 Nordhoff Street

Northridge, CA 91330-8265