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University Affiliates

Faculty, student, and alumni affiliates collaborate to share their innovative scholarship, projects, and community service activities with the Institute, working as both individuals and trans-disciplinary teams.


▪ Amanda Yoshioka-Maxwell: Social Work

▪ Amy Levin: Social Work

▪ Annette Besnilian: Family and Consumer Sciences

▪ Bobbie Eisenstock: Journalism

▪ Boris Ricks: Political Science

▪ Carl Maida: Health Sciences

▪ Cedric Hackett: Pan African Studies/ DuBois Hamer Institute

▪ Christopher Holmes: University Counseling Services

▪ Craig Finney: Recreation and Tourism Management

▪ Dave Moon: Art/VISCOM

▪ David Boyns: Sociology

▪ Doug Kaback: Theatre

▪ Frankie Augustin: Health Sciences

▪ Gagik Melikyan: Chemistry and Biochemistry

▪ Janet Oh: Psychology

▪ Joo Kim: Alumna, Health Sciences

▪ Joyce Marie Brusasco: Family Consumer Sciences & Child & Adolescent Development

▪ Kathleen Young: Health Sciences

▪ Kimberly Henige: Kinesiology

▪ Linda Bradley: Family Consumer Sciences

▪ Louis Rubino: Health Sciences

▪ Magdy Rizk: Art Department

▪ Manon Gosting: Gerontology, Alumna

▪ Mary Paquette: Nursing Department

▪ Merav Efrat: Health Sciences

▪ Nancy Miodrag: Child and Adolescent Development

▪ Nankyoung Cho: Recreation and Tourism Management

▪ Nathan Durdella: Education Leadership and Policy Studies

▪ Rafi Efrat: Accounting and Information Systems

▪ Ronald Fischbach: Health Sciences

▪ Sloane Burke: Health Sciences

▪ Steven Graves: Geography

▪ Steven Loy: Kinesiology

▪ Terri Lisagor: Family and Consumer Sciences

▪ Terry Sweeting: Kinesiology

▪ Theresa White: Pan African Studies

▪ Tom Yi Cai: Family and Consumer Sciences

▪ Vicki Ebin: Health Sciences

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