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Neighborhood Partners in Action (NPA) Vision & Mission

žIn conjunction with the Institute for Community Health and Wellbeing, the Neighborhood Partners in Action will play key roles as a responsible community member in efforts to optimize Canoga Park neighborhood resources resulting in ever evolving wellbeing among all members of Canoga Park as well as CSUN.
žThe Institute for Community Health and Wellbeing is a collaborative of campus and community affiliations focused on strengthening individuals and communities through creative partnerships and education.  We endeavor to match campus expertise and resources in response to regional needs.

The CSUN campus community is invested in being Stewards of Place by establishing long-term partnerships and collaborations with local neighborhood entities. We have chosen to work with Canoga Park as our first venture.


We commit to assisting the Canoga Park neighborhood to identify their needs as a community. Collaboratively we will:

›Strategize how to meet those needs
›Provide insight to utilize community resources effectively
›Employ synergetic networks that maximize community resources
›Increase human capital and enhance quality of life within the Canoga Park neighborhood


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