Step 1

Indicate the age group of the individual seeking services.

Step 2

Identify the area of concern for which you are seeking services.

Step 3

Identify which one of the following challenges best describes your needs.

See definitions of terms below.

Find Services

Welcome, you will be completing some simple multiple choice items that will help us direct you to appropriate CSUN health and wellbeing service providers. When you complete these items you will see three options that we believe will address you or your child's needs. Click on each of the options, review the description of the service, and then select the one you judge to be best. You will have the opportunity to repeat this experience so that you may address another issue or need.



Addressing accommodations of the everyday requirements of life that result in an increase in satisfaction or happiness, for example, adaptive technology, accessibility, etc.


For example, attention getting behaviors, behaviors that result in avoiding or escaping demands or undesired events/activities, behaviors that seem to result in relieving pain, or producing good feelings, etc.


Diseases or conditions, for example conditions such as Kidney failure, Down Syndrome, deafness, blindness, complication associated with Rubella, etc.


For example, the circumstances that are present before, during, and after a behavior taking place, the situations that do and don't support a behavior such as the home, classroom, public places, work environments, etc.