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Staff, Faculty, and Community Fitness Program


Commit to be Fit! 


Why Join Our Commit to be Fit Program?

Recognizing that all of you who work so tirelessly deserve a great health benefit of your own, we created a fun and engaging wellness program. The program is designed to expand your limits of strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health. Learn how to do activities in new ways—move more quickly, think faster, jump higher! Improved fitness improves your quality of life and makes your world bigger. How? The healthier and more fit you become, the more you are able to take advantage of everything the world offers; you have more choices at work, at home, and at play.


Join your colleagues, friends and family members ages 15 or older, in a program that can change your life and help you reach your goals!

The Commit to be Fit (CTBF) Program is currently being offered to CSUN students, staff, and faculty, as well as the nearby residential and business neighbors in Northridge.


Fall 2014

Blood Pressure Check/Paperwork (mandatory, walk-in either day): Wed 9/3 & Thu 9/4, 5-6PM, RE 200 (upstairs south gym)

Program Orientation (optional, but encouraged): Thu 9/4 6-6:30PM, RE 200 (upstairs south gym)

Exercise Program: Mon through Thu, Mon 9/8 through Tue 12/9, from 5:30-6:30PM location TBA

Spring 2015

Blood Pressure Check/Paperwork (mandatory, walk-in either day): Wed 1/28 & Thu 1/29, 5-6PM, RE 200

Program Orientation (optional, but encouraged): Thu 1/29 6-6:30PM, RE 200

Exercise Program: Mon through Thu, Mon 2/2 through Thu 5/7 , from 5:30-6:30PM location TBA


For questions, contact Dr. Kim Henige at


Required Forms

FORMS (please print, complete, and bring to blood pressure check):

PAR-Q Form (mandatory):

*If you answer “yes” to any of the PAR-Q questions or if your blood pressure is > 140/90, you will need physician clearance to participate.

▪ Liabilty_Waiver (mandatory):

▪ Photo Release Form (optional):


Read the testimonials from people who have participated in this program and see why it has become so popular—and why we are exploring creative solutions to sustain and grow it.

«▪» … You are with other people who also want to make their world bigger which encourages you to continue …

«▪» … The program was so much fun. It was great meeting everyone …

«▪» … Very effective at improving one’s physical abilities and energy in a short period …

«▪» … Tailored to any fitness level and the positive motivation provided by the student interns…

«▪» … Felt good to push the boundaries and challenge myself. Even though I am one of the older ones, I really felt proud that I had accomplished the goals that you had set for us…

«▪» … I thought I was old and physically could not do the things I used to. Your class has taught me that this is not true…

«▪» … Students do a great job in motivating us to move more, teaching us new routines, and at the same time letting us ‘grow’ into our physical fitness …

«▪» … A fellow co-worker and my work-out buddy was new to this office. This program gave us the opportunity to bond and share our love for being active …

«▪» … Exercises I couldn’t do in the beginning gradually became possible and I amazed myself. I have better discipline now and I carry that into my own workout routine outside of CSUN. It feels great to be alive! …

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