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2014- 2015 Events


CSUN Farmers Market

California State University, Northridge has hosted its first weekly farmers market on Tuesday Feb. 3, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on East University Drive and Clearly Walk East, just west of the University Student Union.

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Walk Your Way to Fitness

The Institute in partnership with the CSUN Kinesiology department and Human Resources offered faculty and staff the opportunity to attend Walk Your Way to Fitness, to help motivate people to partake in more outdoor aerobic and muscular-strengthening activity. This event showcased the new walkability map that the Institute and its partners have created, which highlights nine paths for walking and meditating. The map also features the ExerCircuit, a fantastic outdoor resource for those looking for fun muscular-strengthening equipment. Here is a link to where you can print out the Institute’s walkability map

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Walk a Mile in Their Shoes

Rally against domestic violence.

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The First Autism Affinity Group Meeting

Program directors meet and discuss the Autism Affinity Group to help focus campus resources and services on what has become the fastest-growing disability in the nation.

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