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Financial Literacy Affinity Group Members

Please click here for a list and description of the Institute for Community Health and Wellbeing’s affiliated committees.


▪ Linda Bradley: Faculty, Family Consumer Sciences

▪ Tom Cai: Faculty, Family Consumer Sciences

▪ Mu-Sheng Chang: Faculty, Finance, Real Estate & Insurance

▪ James Chong: Faculty, Finance, Real Estate & Insurance

▪ James (Jim) Dow: Department Chair, Finance, Real Estate & Insurance

▪ Craig Finney: Coordinator, Neighborhood Partners in Action

▪ Mangshar (Monica) Hussein: Faculty, Finance, Real Estate & Insurance

▪ Gayane Jerome: Financial Literacy Coordinator, Division of Student Affairs

▪ Yoko Mimura: Faculty, Family Consumer Sciences

▪ Michael Phillips: Faculty, Finance, Real Estate & Insurance

▪ Cynthia Schlesinger: Faculty, Family Consumer Sciences

▪ Ann Stahl: Faculty, Family Consumer Sciences

▪ Ben Tenn: Faculty, College of Business and Economics

▪ Jennifer Thompson: Faculty, Jewish Studies

▪ Theresa White: Faculty, Pan African Studies


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