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Autism Affinity

The Autism/ASD Affinity Group’s mission is to collectively share common center based and faculty interests that pertain to campus wide Autism/ASD initiatives that promote the development of Autism/ASD research and service. The Autism/ASD Affinity Group’s goal is to enhance CSUN autism related services and related educational opportunities by creating mechanisms for faculty and program communication, cooperation, and mutual support. The following are a list of key objectives supporting the goal: 1) to identify existing common avenues for achieving Campus wide ASD initiatives; 2) to develop new avenues for achieving Campus wide ASD initiatives; and 3) to support Campus wide ASD initiatives through the sharing of available resources.

The Autism/ASD Affinity Group also aims to help focus campus resources and services for families impacted by a family member with autism or by autism spectrum related challenges. A CSUN Autism Directory summarizing on-campus resources and expertise is currently in development. The group is in the process of obtaining promising funding opportunities for the coming year that may be used to strengthen and expand autism-related services at campus centers and promote interdisciplinary research and activities.

The Autism/ASD Affinity Group focuses strategic attention on developing a collaborative with community organizations that could evolve into (a) a quality care network of Autism-related resources and services; (b) a robust, easy-to-use online portal providing information about and access to these resources and services; and (c) one-on-one case management support to help families navigate a path to the resources and services that will best meet their specific needs.

News Update for 2013: This year the CSUN Teenage Drama Workshop put on a special sensory-friendly performance of “Disney’s Aladdin Jr.” on Saturday, July 20th , to make the theater experience more accessible to children and adults on the autism spectrum or people with special needs. This was the first sensory-friendly theatrical performance on the West Coast! You can check out the event by clicking this link:

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Case Management Workgroup

The Case Management Workgroup is a newly formed group to develop a strategy for intensive family case management involving graduate students and faculty supervisors as teams of case managers. The teams will be able to work with individual and family clients of the centers to provide resource and referral to programs and centers. They will provide follow-up and ensure clients are receiving appropriate referrals and services. Such case management can provide a coherent experience for individuals and families receiving services from a variety of centers on campus. Where  needed services are not available on campus, case managers will make referrals and smooth the path for clients to receive services from community agencies.

Council of Center Directors

Through the Council of Center Directors the Institute facilitates communication and collaboration among campus centers and institutes related to the work of the Institute for Community Health and Wellbeing. The Council supports the planning efforts of the Institute, and works to address problems and challenges faced by centers with the intent of improving center operations and services.

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CSUN Faculty/Staff Wellness Campus Task Force

This multi-disciplinary committee, including  representatives from human resources, is meeting this year to develop a sustainable model for our  worksite-based wellness program serving the campus community. The current program consists of an  on-campus class and coaching program designed to improve cardiovascular capacity, strength, and  mobility. The program also incorporates the par course  outdoor exercise equipment stations recently installed.

Financial Literacy Affinity Group

The mission of this multidisciplinary committee is to promote financial literacy to students, faculty, staff and the community through the utilization of campus-wide resources for the purpose of increasing financial knowledge and wellbeing. 

The following objectives support this mission:

• To build ties among individuals interested in financial literacy on campus and through the  community to encourage collaboration in teaching, research and outreach;

• To identify and disseminate financial information and resources to the target audiences;

• To develop new venues for promoting financial literacy; and,

• To seek support for enhancing the mission.

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Early Childhood Leaders Affinity Group

The mission of this committee is to bring together people from a variety of departments and colleges to “map” out “pathways” and resources at CSUN for students, staff and faculty who seek to support children during “early childhood”.


*Those interested in joining this affinity group, please email the Institute at .

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