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Council of Center Directors Members

Please click here for a list and description of the Institute for Community Health and Wellbeing’s affiliated committees.


▪ Sandy Abrams: Director, Children’s Center
▪ Ronald Borczon: Director/Associate Professor, Music Therapy Wellness Clinic
▪ Nancy Burstein: Department Chair/ Director, Special Education/ Center for Educational Intervention and Therapy
▪ Yi (Tom) Cai: Director/ Assistant Professor, Consumer Resource Center/ Family and Consumer Sciences
▪ Stan Charnofsky: Coordinator, Center in Educational Psychology and Counseling
▪ Marcy Dann: Director, Educational Therapy Program
▪ Rachel Friedman Narr: Special Education/ Deaf Studies
▪ Kim Goldberg-Roth: Executive Director, Valley Trauma Center
▪ Richard Goldman: Director, Center for Teaching and Learning, Special Education
▪ Taeyou Jung: Director, Center of Achievement through Adapted Physical Activity/ Kinesiology
▪ Wilda Laija-Rodreiquez: Director, Berke Assessment Clinic and Library
▪ Ritamarie Little: Associate Director, Marilyn Magaram Center
▪ Sheryl Low: Director/ Department Chair, The Physical Therapy Center for Advanced Clinical
▪ Joyce Medley: Mitchell Family Counseling Clinic/ Ed Psych & Counseling
▪ Steven Oppenheimer: Director, Center for Cancer and Developmental Biology
▪ Yolanda Reid- Chassiakos: Director, Student Health Center
▪ Sue Sears: Director, Teaching, Learning and Counseling Consortium
▪ Stephen Sinclair: Director/ Department Chair, Speech, Language, and Hearing Center/ Communication Disorders and Sciences
▪ Sally Spencer: Coordinator, Special Education Literacy Lab (SELL)
▪ Konstantinos Vrongistinos: Kinesiology
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