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Autism Affinity Members

Please click here for a list and description of the Institute for Community Health and Wellbeing’s affiliated committees.


▪ Wendy Ashley: Social Work
▪ Carol Bennett: Center of Achievement through Adapted Physical Activity
▪ Victoria Berrey: Family Focus Resource Center
▪ Debra Berry Malmberg: CSUN Autism Center
▪ Ronald Borczon: Music Therapy Wellness Clinic
▪ David Boyns: Sociology
▪ Nancy Burstein: Special Education/ Center for Educational Intervention and Therapy
▪ Sandra Chong: Elementary Education
▪ Annie Cox: CHIME Institute
▪ Christa Dunlap: Family and Consumer Sciences
▪ Vicki Ebin: Health Sciences
▪ Tara Fahmie: Psychology
▪ Claudia Fajardo: Family and Consumer Sciences
▪ Amanda Finch: CSUN Autism Clinic
▪ Craig Finney: Recreation & Tourism Management
▪ Ronald Fischbach: Health Sciences
▪ Rachel Friedman Narr: Special Education/ Deaf Studies
▪ Joyce Gilbert: Marilyn Magaram Center, Family and Consumer Science
▪ Beth Halaas: Social Work
▪ Michele Haney: CHIME/ Special Education
▪ Jerry Ann Harrel-Smith: Child and Family Studies Center
▪ Jennifer Henningfield: Social Work
▪ Sharon Hsu: Kinesiology
▪ Jodi Johnson: Disability Resources and Educational Services
▪ Taeyou Jung: Center of Achievement through Adapted Physical Activity
▪ Sun-mee Kang: Psychology
▪ Gary Katz: Psychology/ Child and Adolescent Diagnostic Assessment Program
▪ Virginia Kennedy: Special Education
▪ Amy Levin: Social Work
▪ Sheryl Low: The Physical Therapy Center for Advanced Clinical Practice
▪ Joyce Medley: The Mitchell Family Counseling Clinic
▪ Nancy Miodrag: Child and Adolescent Development
▪ Sharon Pollock: Pediatrician, Community Member
▪ Dianne Philibosian: Institute for Community Health and Wellbeing
▪ Tara Reisbaum: Educational & Behavioral Consultant
▪ Louis Rubino: Health Sciences
▪ Sue Sears: Teaching, Learning and Counseling Consortium
▪ Dee Shepherd-Look: Psychology
▪ Merril Simon: Educational Psychology and Counseling
▪ Sally Spencer: Special Education Literacy Lab (SELL)
▪ Diane Stephens: Academic Resources and Planning
▪ Mark Stevens: University Counseling Services
▪ Shari Tarver-Behring: Educational Psychology and Counseling
▪ Matthew Terhune: College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
▪ Teri Todd: Kinesiology
▪ Maria Ultreras: Social Work
▪ Ivor Weiner: Family Focus Resource Center
▪ Janice Woolsey: Language, Speech, and Hearing Center/ Communication Disorders & Sciences


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