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Dean Spagna Dianne Stephens

Advisory Board

▪ Sylvia Alva, Dean, College of Health and Human Development, co-chair
▪ Joyce H. Burstein, Faculty Director, Community Engagement
▪ Paulo Iparraguirre, Student, Department of Psychology.
▪ Jennifer L. Kalfsbeek, Senior Director, Graduate and Professional Programs and Services Tseng College
▪ Joo Kim, Alumna, Health Sciences and Klotz Student Health Center
▪ Joan Maltese, Executive Director, Child Development Institute
▪ Dianne Philibosian, Director, Institute for Community Health and Wellbeing
▪ Linda Reid-Chassiakos, Director, Klotz Student Health Center
▪ Louis Rubino, Professor, Health Sciences
▪ Michael Spagna, Dean, Michael D. Eisner College of Education, co-chair
▪ Diane Stephens, Director, Academic Resources and Planning
▪ Francesca Vega, Director, Governmental Affairs
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