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University Web Management

Web Cleanup Project

CSUN Web Environment Improvement Project

Graph showing upward progressThe CSUN Web environment is one of the primary ways users both on and off campus gather information about California State University, Northridge. With the increasingly sophisticated expectations and needs of our audience, the importance of maintaining a campus Web environment that is current, accurate, graphically appealing, easy to navigate, and accessible to all users is heightened.

The purposes of this communication are to introduce a set of guidelines for improving and managing www.csun.edu, and to request your assistance with this important project by passing the information on to Web administrators, Web content managers, and Web page owners in your area who can make necessary modifications to their Web pages.

Key Objectives

Work has been underway during the past several months to develop an approach to Web site reform, with the objectives of:

Guidelines for Improvement

The Web Communications Committee, with the oversight of the Executive Technology Steering Committee comprising the vice presidents of the university, has developed an approach to reforming and maintaining the CSUN Web environment in a manner that will ensure consistency, clarity, and a good user experience for all. In order to be successful, it is essential for all Web site owners to follow a common set of standards for content and practice. Procedural guidance to accomplish these goals are provided here.


College, Department, program, and faculty Web page owners are requested to review their Web pages for accessibility and content compliance, making appropriate modifications after addressing the items listed above.


Kimon Rethis, of the Office of University Web Communications (kimon.rethis@csun.edu and x3989) will help site administrators and content managers implement a process that identifies broken links, orphaned pages, outdated content, duplicate or missing meta descriptions and duplicate or non-informative page titles.

College ATI Coordinators and the ATI Online Support Coordinator will schedule accessibility training.