University Student Union

The University Student Union (USU) at California State University, Northridge is a student centered non-profit organization that works to expand the college experience through various programs, services, employment, and involvement opportunities.

The mission of the USU is to foster the achievement of students’ educational goals by facilitating a strong connection between students and their campus community.

We are an engaging and energetic campus program that develops students through inclusive activities, meaningful employment opportunities, leadership experiences and innovative technologies, facilities, and services.

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We Are The Champions

April 26, 2012

GR Logo Lede

The Games Room will host the championships for students who have won previous table tennis, billiard, and poker tournaments, to compete and win the coveted championship. Only the top 12 table tennis players, top 12 billiards players, and the top 20 poker players will be able to compete. A pool cue, valued at $120, will be awarded to the billiards champion; a $100 gift card will be awarded to the table tennis champion; and trophies will be awarded to the top three competitors of the poker championship. The top three competitors will get their names on the perpetual plaques. Read more

Matadors in Wonderland

April 20, 2012

USU Logo Lede

Venture down the rabbit hole and experience the transformation of the University Student Union, (USU), into wonderland with rides, food, and entertainment galore along with the characters from Alice and Wonderland awaiting at every corner; also, featuring legendary DJ Kid Capri - Matador Nights returns on Friday, April 27, from 9 p.m. – 1 a.m. Read more


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