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Student Assistant Employee of the Month

Congratulations to our past Student Assistant of the Month winners!

November 2016 — Alfredo Padilla

Alfredo PadillaA nominator stated, “Alfredo stepped into this position last spring and since then has been diligently working hard to learn all procedures and execute his supervisor's visions and department expectations to the best of his abilities. He is very skilled and adaptable in all types of situations. He always tries to provide solutions for issues or concerns. I appreciate that Alfredoalways takes initiative to help out when needed by being willing to take on new projects and then working well under pressure. During this past month, we had a large volume of new clients and Alfredo worked hard to make sure all of the trainers he supervises were prepared to meet with clients and had the proper documentation to perform their jobs. Even with this increase in new clients to manage, he made himself available to the staff he supervises. He even assisted with additional events, such as Matador Nights and Welcome to Wellness, even with the heavy school and work load. He has been a tremendous help to all areas in the fitness and wellness department this past month and every month since he began employment and he deserves to be recognized for his hard work.”

November 2016 — Jake Sohngen

Jake SohngenA nominator stated, “Jake has gone above and beyond in many aspects. He was closing on October 19th when there was a water leak above the printer. He handled that situation appropriately and delegated tasks to mitigate the situation. With the help of the assistants they moved the printer and placed buckets under the ceiling. Second, Jake served on the interview panel for assistant interviews, showing professionalism and critical thinking during that process. Lastly, Jake showed initiative by updating the inventory excel sheet. He went above and beyond by adding equations and rules to the document. Jake has been with the Wellness Center since the start and has shown continuous dedication to this department.”

October 2016 — Christopher Lansdown

 Christopher LansdownA nominator stated, “Christopher has proven himself to be such a prominent aspect within his department.  He has undertaken training new employees as a member of the training committee, while taking such pride in working within the USU & following all of their policies to the tee. He is a ball of great knowledge. Not only does he execute his thorough understand of his position, but also assists others in different positions within the department in answering their questions. Christopher truly understands the dynamic of working with a team as he will immediately jump in to help other AV techs or the crew who is setting up the rooms for events. AV Techs get so many last minute add-ons and he always stays cool under pressure and is very understanding and will complete those tasks without hesitation. He continuously comes into every shift full of positivity and shows his true love for all things audio & visual. These are things we never think about because he is always behind the scenes going above and beyond to get the job done to keep the guests very happy. We work with the same guests on daily basis and I have definitely had guests ask about him and they just go on telling of how helpful and kind he was during their previous visit. Christopher's sincere love for his job, his joy, his desire to continuously put others before him, humility, kindness and laughter are just a few assets that he provides that make us so pleased to work alongside him.”

October 2016 — Weston Cannon

Weston CannonA nominator stated, “This month, the staff of the Veterans Resource Center would like to nominateWeston Cannon, TSS Assistant for Student Assistant of the Month. In his abilities as a TSS Assistant, he has conducted himself in the utmost professional manner while performing his duties in assisting the VRC to achieve maximum efficacy all while maintaining a high level of customer service. Weston’s ability to reconfigure email connects and printer access, assisted the VRC in reaching the 700+ veterans we serve. Weston’s work has been instrumental in assisting us to properly communicate time sensitive information regarding our programs and services to military connected students at CSUN. His ability to go the extra mile and not only solve a problem, but train others with patience really demonstrates his commitment to his work. Weston’s analytical thinking and attention to detail for data maintenance, greatly improved the productivity and efficiency of Workstation Systems by identifying significant problems affecting the installation of the virtual network and developing solutions for these problems. Within a short time, he has been able to meet the needs of the Veteran Resource Center with exceptional technical expertise, personal initiative, and outstanding customer service. He has brought great credit on himself and setting the standard of University Student Union Employees.”

September 2016 —Tania Dominquez

Tania DominquezA nominator stated, “Over the past month, I have had to pleasure of observing Tania fully come into her own and perform at her fullest potential during the planning of our most recent installment of Matador Nights. Not only did Tania plan and execute one of our most successful installments to date, but did so almost flawlessly and better planned than any before her. Additionally, Tania was able to effectively lead the USU Events team by remaining a figure of inspiration and by recognizing and relying on the strengths of her colleagues. Tania has come so far from the girl who was afraid to answer the phone when she began employment with us a year ago, to the one who led one of our largest and most successful events to date for thousands of students. USU Events is so lucky and grateful to have such a dedicated and talented person like Tania as part of our team!”

September 2016 —Thomas Kee

Thomas KeeA nominator stated, “Over the past year, Thomas has demonstrated a commitment to growth as a professional and has played a key role in many vital projects in the Veterans Resource Center. Thomas not only performs his job duties well as an individual, but holds value to being a team player as well. One example of him being a strong team player is the way he balances his roles of being a US Army Reserve and VRC Student Assistant.  As the VRC Resources Lead, Thomas has played a critical role in working towards the completion of our Annual Department Goal of assessing the needs of student veterans specifically in the areas of extreme financial hardship, food insecurity and housing instability. In order to assess these challenges in the student veteran community, Thomas developed a Resources Needs Assessment and was able to collect pertinent data on what resources CSUN student veterans need most. Also, Thomas has demonstrated a commitment to the mission of the University Student Union by challenging himself in an area he had little previous experience exploring- diversity. In an effort to grow in this area and serve on a Union-wide committee, Thomas has participated in the Inclusive Language Campaign Committee to strategize new ways to implement inclusive excellence in the USU.”

August 2016 — Harmony Salazar

Harmony SalazarA nominator stated, “Mary has been an incredible coworker and role model for a new employee like myself. Coming in on my first few weeks, she not only helped me, but other new employees learn and understand our job functions more clearly. Her attitude and professionalism is something that resonates within the office and gives us employees someone to proudly follow. She is a natural leader. Mary also planned and executed a successful Matafest while helping plan a variety of other USU Events at the same time.Her spirit and personality make her easy to work with as she motivates everyone around her to work even harder. She makes coming to work more enjoyable.”

August 2016 — Mary Ferris

Mary FerrisA nominator stated, “Harmony has consistently proven to be SAE of the month. She always has a positive attitude when at work and is constantly searching for opportunities to help her grow and benefit from her job. In fact, she has developed a training committee in the USU Reservations and Event Services department where she helped the department rewrite their training manuals, establish what needs to be addressed on facility tours, and she has also assisted in hands on training and policy training. Furthermore, she is willing to help anyone without hesitation. If unable to provide a solution at the moment, she will use her resources and improvise to ensure all guests are satisfied. Throughout this semester's Student Summit, Harmony stayed engaged throughout the workshops. She plays a crucial role as a veteran in her department and has helped guide the new employees in understanding the union culture and helps train new employees

May 2016 — Joseph Rivas

Joseph RivasA nominator stated, “Joseph is my favorite Fitness Assistant Supervisor to work with. His pleasant demeanor and positive attitude in and out of work are things that I truly admire about Joseph. His transition from Fitness Assistant to Fitness Assistant Supervisor was a smooth one. He took on the extra responsibility well by learning how to work well with his now subordinates. He is able to ask for tasks to be done in a respectful manner. He leads by example before asking more of others. He is always asking questions of my department to expand his knowledge of the SRC.”

May 2016 —Lilliana Madrigal

Lilliana MadrigalA nominator stated, “Lily is deserving to be Student Assistant of the Month for May. Lily continues to excel in her role in the Human Resources department and in her work responsibilities. While I was out on a leave, she executed her responsibilities perfectly and also served as a helpful resource for the temporary staff person whom took over my position during the leave.  She is a go-getter and someone who is proactive. She recently took the initiative to research retention information. She also anticipates things that I need before I even ask her for them. Furthermore, Lily continues to serve as an incredible resource for me. During the month of May, we hired a predominately Spanish speaking staff employee. With no Spanish speaking staff in the department, Lily offered her assistance for any meetings with this new employee. She has been tremendous in helping the employee to understand the details of his employment and benefits. Lily was excited to learn more about the USU’s benefit program and really thought about the best way to go about translating the information. I met with her to go through all the benefits information before meeting with the employee and after that initial meeting, she researched the best way to explain the information and certain benefit terms in Spanish as she wanted to be as accurate and thorough as possible. Her initiative to be efficient and helpful was so much appreciated by the employee as well as me. Lastly, Lily is able to work independently and without constant supervision.  She is extremely organized and smart. You can tell she genuinely likes her job and is taking full advantage of the experience.

April 2016 — David Magana

David MaganaA nominator stated, “I highly recommend David Magana, Student Guest Services Assistant, to be the recipient of the Student Assistant of the Month award, specifically in the month of April 2016. David models an exemplary work ethic, even to USU old timers like me. In the month of April, David took on a project to update and maintain the Operations Intranet page. Not only does the Operations page have the latest pictures and information, but his Computer Programming expertise shines through here. I have even received calls at the front desk from SAEs in other departments asking if they can speak to David so they may improve their own department's Intranet page. This is true evidence that David knows how to strategically bring his soft skills and acquired skills from his coursework to the USU. In the month of April, David admirably served on the Year-End Celebration Committee as one of the Theme Chairs. During the weeks leading up to YEC, David consistently attended his meetings, brainstormed ideas with other staff, and kept everyone in our department excited about YEC. I am especially impressed with David because he has never attended a YEC in the past, yet was able towork collaboratively with the committee as a newbie and truly shine. Someone who is as jubilant, genuinely excited, and hard working as him will continue to seek out opportunities and maximize his experience while working with the USU. Considering he is a Freshman, we are all crossing our fingers that David will be here with us at the USU for many years to come. How lucky we would be!”

April 2016 — Krystal Allen

Krystal AllenA nominator stated, “Krystal Allen did a fantastic job in leading the charge to execute a fantastic Year-End Celebration. Anyone who works with Krystal knows that you cannot doubt her passion.  She is fully dedicated to every project she is a part of, and that was very present in the way she pulled together all the details for YEC. This year's celebration had so many small details and she did a great job of organizing every one; dreams, food, decorations, signage, set-up. On the day of the event, Krystal was the main person in charge of the entire reception area while I was dedicated to finishing up details for the stage show. Using the beautiful Oasis space meant that setting up could not begin until after the Oasis closed at 1:00pm. Without direct supervision from a staff member, Krystal kicked her leadership skills into high gear and kept the committee on task to ensure every last part of set-up was complete with the reception before guests arrived. There were unforeseen hiccups that occurred and Krystal used her critical thinking skills to successfully navigate each situation without constantly asking for approval. This was Krystal's first Year-End Celebration, but you would think she had led this event several times in the past. I have seen her grow so much since her time working at the Union and feel that she is deserving of being recognized as SAE of the Month for her growth and hard work.”

March 2016 — Abby Blumberg

Abby BlumbergA nominator stated, “Abby has been an exceptional employee and asset to the Intramurals Department. Her dedication to the program and the staff within is obvious to anyone and everyone that comes into contact with her. Through the USU and the SRC, she has been able to help out numerous employees with resume help, registering for classes and anything else that is thrown her way. She has encouraged many students to apply for NIRSA and continues to be a support system for them even after the conference. Abby uses her critical thinking skills to solve problems inside and outside of the office. Whenever I have a shift with her, I am always learning something new from her. She always shows excellent customer service to any patron that she encounters and she just genuinely wants to help out. When you think of the Intramurals office, you think of Abby behind the computer and keeping the office running. The department will definitely miss her as she embarks on her new journey to be a Graduate Assistant at the University of Arkansas and help other students. Thank you Abby for your years of service to the SRC, we will all miss you!”

March 2016 —Bryant Garcia

Bryant GarciaA nominator stated, “While all of his supervisors were away at the ACUI conference, Bryant stepped up to not only supervise the Student Building Managers but to also be available for the front desk Guest Services Assistants. During this time the walkway near the Dream Center and the NRC was shut down and blocked off making TSS and the clock in station unavailable to student assistants and staff. Bryant worked diligently with staff members from different departments to find a solution. He always thinks outside of the box and keeps the mission of the USU in mind when making decisions that will reflect the image of the Union. Bryant constantly goes above and beyond what is expected of his position and always comes to work with a positive and uplifting spirit.”

February 2016 — Amelia Sherman

Amelia ShermanA nominator stated, “I nominate Amelia Sherman to be Student Employee of the Month because she puts her mind and effort to everything that she does and commits too. She has been such a big help, not only to myself in my own position, but in the process of opening the Oasis Wellness Center. Amelia constantly shows passion and excitement in all she does and seeks more opportunities to advance the Oasis Wellness Center for the better of the CSUN community. Along with her regular responsibilities she shows interest in partaking in activities outside the Oasis Wellness Center, like Matador Recreation Day hosted by the Student Recreation Center. She played a huge role in creating and facilitating the activity for the Oasis Wellness Center during Matador Recreation Day, showing that she is invested in the overall wellness of the CSUN community. I give Amelia Sherman my highest endorsement for the Student of the Month award because she not only works hard in all she does, but motivates others to seek out and try to performer at a higher standard. I see a lot of the Oasis Wellness Center employees look up to Amelia as a co-worker but I also have observed that Amelia goes out of her way to make the work environment so much more enjoyable. I am truly honored to get to work with Amelia Sherman and I think that for all she does for the Oasis Wellness Center and beyond, recognition is deserved. Thank you.”

February 2016 — Jada Cantrell

Jada CantrellA nominator stated, “I have always notices Jada's position demeanor while on shift at front desk. I recently had the opportunity to watch her conduct business with a member interested in participating in the SRC's Fitness classes, organized and conducted by the Fitness and Wellness Department. Typically member's questions are directed to the Fitness Assistants and Supervisors in the training zones, but hearing Jada's determination to get this member's questions about classes and instructors answered really took me by surprise. She insisted looking up the descriptions of each class and instructor to help the member with their inquiries and fitness goals. Jada is not just a front desk person, she goes above and beyond to help folks with their goals. I am proud to have someone like Jada working for the SRC.”

January 2016 — Alexa Spann

Alexa SpannA nominator stated, “As a Meeting Room Crew Lead, it always makes my job easier when everyone is willing to work and help each other. It is always a pleasure working with Alexa because her work ethic always sets the tone and inspires us as a crew. Along with performing her responsibilities exceptionally well, she exceeds the expectations of her position by the initiative she naturally takes. There are several examples where her initiative not only impacted the shift she was currently working on, but for following shifts the next day. Most notably, Alexa was scheduled a short weekend shift but noticed that the following shift had an overload of work to do for the next shift. Alexa noticed the closing shift was understaffed, and even though there were no supervisors on site, she contacted our supervisor and asked if she can work a full 8-hour shift to help with the closing and opening shifts workload. The shift in question was the setup for January's USU Summit. Alexa knew she was signing herself up for a difficult and labor intensive shift, but put the reputation of our department and union first to make sure all the resources were provided to ensure a great experience for all employees at our most recent Student Summit.”

January 2016 — Patrice Mead

Patrice MeadA nominator stated, “Patrice is very deserving of the Student Assistant Employee of the Month award... in fact, I am shocked that she hasn't already won it in her time here at the Union.  Anyone that comes into contact with Patrice knows that her customer services skills are above and beyond what is expected.  Her helpfulness and positive energy are unmatched by anyone in a service providing position anywhere on campus.  I have personally seen Patrice in action, answering questions for guests, and when she doesn't know the answer she efficiently calls or researches the answer until the guest is happy.  In addition to her doing a fantastic job with her normal job duties, I specifically nominate her for the month of January because of the stellar job she did on the Student Summit Presentation Team.  Along with her teammate Dominic, they presented on public speaking skills, a topic that is difficult to engage students.  Not only that, but when presenting about presenting you have an extra bright spotlight on you, ensuring you are practicing what you preach.  This presentation was the most engaging and well-executed workshop that I observed during the rehearsals for Student Summit.  Patrice's bubbly personality, combined with her professionalism and credibility, made her one of the most effective presenters of the entire event.  I hope Patrice can be recognized for all her contributions to our organizations, especially being one of the brightest shining stars we have.”

December 2015 — Heather Raksin

Heather RaksinA nominator stated, “Heather is a young professional who is filled with passion, enthusiasm, and enjoyment in her position and the organization as a whole. Her title as Clerical Assistant only touches the surface of what she does for our department because she consistently goes above and beyond what is expected of her. She constantly volunteers to help where needed and does not shy away from leadership roles. What I have been particularly struck by has been Heather’s ability to not only succeed in the work arena, but to balance her coursework while going out of her way to share her talents with others. She avidly volunteers to train new employees, goes out of her way to ensure that the marketing team knows what to do to get the job done, communicates with our clients so that they are well informed about the status of their projects, and keeps an updated project log of more than 45 open marketing requests. In December, Heather spearheaded her first client meeting and was then able to develop a meeting report and plan of action for one of our more complex Pride Center marketing requests. She is by far one of the most detail-oriented people I have ever had the opportunity of working with. This makes her an excellent clerical assistant because she is able to work without constant supervision and remember her mistakes for future reference. Heather continues to impress me with the many roles that she has taken on and I would like to recognize all of her hard work by nominating her for the Student Assistant of the Month award.”

December 2015 — Tyler Neroes

Tyler NeroesA nominator stated, “Tyler is a superstar! I am proud to see how much he's grown over the past year. This month he worked diligently to execute Trans Awareness Week (TAW), which included 10 events throughout the week. Each event was a success and had a room full of people. He outreached to faculty requesting them to have their class attend and reached out to many student organizations to support the events. One student commented from a TAW survey 'I came in doing this as an opportunity for class but now I'll be leaving with a better sense and awareness of trans* related topics and issues. I may not know fully about the struggle but I can relate to how it feels to be oppressed within my own community.' Another participant said 'I loved this presentation and think it needs to be shown to all faculty/staff and students.' Tyler has contributed to making CSUN more trans-inclusive.”

November 2015— Walter Guadron

Walter GuadronA nominator stated, “I would like to recommend  Walter Guadron to be a Student Assistant Employee of the month for November. Based on the official entries in the USU Helpdesk System, it has been logged that Walter had completed and successfully fulfilled a total of 502 service-work-orders or service tickets from Oct 15, 2013 to Nov 30, 2015. These helpdesk tickets range from simple adding or modifying of employee user account in the system for access to Intranet and Helpdesk, to troubleshooting and repairing computing issues. These computing issues which be a hardware or a software issue such as a bug, virus or malware removal a non-working printer, a monitor or a non-functional email account; or even more complex network issue that could take days to be resolved. He is a great resource of IT knowledge and information concerning USU IT infrastructure. He displays professionalism and maintains positive attitude. He is respectful to others and especially to superiors. He never complains of any job you assign to him. When he makes a mistake, he immediately rectifies it.  He always takes ownership of job that would work to the end-user’s advantage.  He is efficient in completing assigned project on time. He always possesses an initiative to ask for any open help desk ticket for him to extend help. So, kudos to Walter Guadron of the TSS Department.”

November 2015— Shivon Pazos

Shivon PazosA nominator stated, “For the past several years that Shivon has been enrolled as a student at CSUN she has been involved in the veteran community. She is a leading example of a true veteran ally and gives back to the community whenever she has an opportunity. Over the past year and a half that Shivon has worked at the Veterans Resource Center, she has demonstrated her strong commitment to the veteran community and has grown significantly as a professional. Shivon has always been a Student Assistant who is eager to learn, to receive feedback, and to help others any chance she gets. After much success in the area of programming, Shivon continued to challenge herself and in the Fall 2015 semester she served as the Media and Communication lead for the VRC. Shivon solely manages 3 social media accounts for the VRC and this semester the best to check in with other student assistants VRC Facebook received 81 new likes through her development and improvement of the page. During Veterans Week November 8th-13th, Shivon helped the VRC Facebook reach an all-time post reach high. Shivon also initiated the development of our Instagram account and added new features to our monthly newsletter such as 'Patron of the Month'. Although Shivon may be very busy during all of her shifts, she makes it a priority to assure the needs of our patrons in the VRC are met. She has been a great asset to the VRC department over the past year and a half and I am confident after graduating this December, she will continue to demonstrate a strong work ethic wherever her journey takes her.”

October 2015 — Sarah Shabbar

Sarah ShabbarA nominator stated, “I would like to nominate 
Sarah Shabbar for Student Assistant of the Month! Her innovative and effective contributions to the USU are truly invaluable. Sarah has perfected the Public Relations process and increased the efficiency of promotional items created in the marketing department. She facilitates each Public Relations process to ensure that the letter contains all relevant information, the client is satisfied with the final draft, and that the letter is distributed to specific campus locations. Her contributions to this process are not only beneficial for the marketing department’s advertising strategies, but her help is also positive for each facility in the USU. Each press release and media alert promotes a new event, program, or service that is offered by different entities that are a part of the USU. All in all, Sarah Shabbar is an important member of the marketing department and to the entire USU.”

October 2015 — Mary Ziggler

Mary ZigglerA nominator stated, “Mary has been a strong asset to our team of AV Techs since she started back in May of last year.  Her customer service skills and production knowledge continually impress our guests and help to provide better overall productions.  A campus partner who hosted an event in the USU sent an email with the following comments about Mary, ‘Our Audio-Visual Technician, Mary, was excellent. She was terrific to work with, and was super helpful working with our two American Sign Language interpreters for their sound check. At the end of the evening, I was so busy wrapping up our event, that I didn't have the opportunity to thank Mary for all of her help, so could you please let her know how grateful and appreciative we are? Thank you very much again for such helpful staff. It's great to know that you have such helpful and excellent staff to help us with our events.’ For them to take the time to write a thank you shows just how attentive Mary was.  In the future, I expect to see more of these thank you’s about Mary as she continually pays great attention to her guests.”

Spetember 2015 — Joaquin Benavente

Joaquin BenaventeA nominator stated, “I nominate Joaquin for SAE of the month fully and without reservation. Joaquin has been an employee of the USU Events department for 2.5 years and during that time has served in the position of Events Assistant for Music and most recently made the transition to Special Events Assistant. During the end of his tenure as EA for Music, Joaquin was charged (as the most experienced team member and one looking to take on more challenges) with planning and executing Matador Nights - he did so beautifully and embraced every new turn as a learning opportunity to enhance his future goals as an event planner. Just one month after Aloha Matador Nights, Joaquin was asked to again, in his new role, take on the role as event lead for Matador Nights and spent May-September planning his second special event, back to back, with little assistance. He challenged himself to hear feedback from colleagues and supervisors, make corrections and changes to themes and components as needed while leading and modeling the way for an almost entirely new team of Events Assistants. The event was a success with nearly 4,300 students in attendance, a creative and fun theme, and little areas requiring major correction for the next installment. Most amazingly, for the first time in several installments, all of the above was accomplished UNDER budget - a very difficult task! I believe his leadership, tenacity, and openness to correction, feedback, challenge and most of all support throughout the process were admirable and make him a most deserving candidate for SAE of the month.”

September 2015 — Cynthia Rojas

Cynthia RojasA nominator stated, “Cynthia really takes the initiative to spend her time while working in the lab wisely; she sends emails to inform the lab and supervisors about on goings in the lab. She also sends emails regarding how to use the printer on app and updates the resource binder without being asked to do so. She also worked at Matador Nights. She is a big asset to the computer lab and always helps out other lab techs when they have questions, especially the newer hires.”

August 2015 — Daniel Dingle

Daniel DingleA nominator stated, “Daniel works well with members and employees at the SRC. He has responded promptly to any emergency situation to assist the Facility Operations staff. It is always a pleasure working with such an intelligent individual that is always willing to help. Daniel has demonstrated knowledge on all equipment and uses past work experience to assist the building managers with any task. Daniel always greets employees and is easy to talk to. Daniel has personally assisted me in my development as a student at CSUN and employee at the SRC. I started as an operations services assistant at the SRC and was promoted to building manager shortly after.   Daniel was always available to answer my questions about the facility and how to deal with different emergency situations.”

August 2015 — Kevin Tran

Kevin Tran A nominator stated, “Kevin demonstrates profound customer service, as he willingly goes out of his way to make sure his service exceeds expectations. Throughout this month, he has ran data cable in the AS office as well as the AS sports club (which is more difficult than what it sounds like), ported over many Ethernet cables to a different 'coms' closet in the TSS office, as well as some internal work orders in TSS. The team at TSS overall has done a multitude of tedious projects over the past few months. Kevin has taken the lead on many of these projects.”

July 2015 —Jose Medrano

Jose MedranoA nominator stated, “It is amazing to see the growth of Jose Medrano from his time as only playing Intramural basketball to currently being an official for the Intramurals program. Prior to working as a student official, Medrano would comment that he could do a better job of being a referee than the students were working at that time. So when challenged to apply and become a Student Intramural Official, he accepted the opportunity and he has become one of the better basketball officials within the Intramurals program. Jose Medrano has taken his responsibility to be an official seriously by asking questions about rules, engaging in extra studying of rules and plays to be better prepared and he has worked to help improve other official's confidence and knowledge of the position. Medrano has taken it upon himself to help new officials to become better by answering their questions, providing positioning tips, and even going to eat with them to talk about the game situations that they previously dealt with so they can be better prepared for the next time. Overall, Jose Medrano has gained the respect of the players and the Intramural staff for his knowledge of the sports he works with and ability to remain calm during difficult situations to determine the correct solution.”

July 2015 — Jaqueline Ramos

Jaqueline RamosA nominator stated, “Jaqui has been employed as a Student Business Assistant in the Human Resources Department since 6/4/14.  While her primary job duties consist of updating and maintaining the department budget as well as performing a wide variety of general office tasks, over the course of her employment and as Jaqui has gained mastery over her regular job duties, she has consistently added value to her position and the department in new ways.  Examples of how Jaqui has gone 'above and beyond' include providing extended assistance to the department's training and development arm by helping to set up and tear down reward and recognition events, developing and maintaining a system designed to effectively track completion of defensive driver training and alert employees when updated insurance information is required, and most recently learning information enabling her to successful execute new hire sign-in meetings.  No matter how overwhelmed she may be feeling in the moment, Jaqui always maintains a calm and pleasant demeanor, and HR staff members have frequently commented on her ability to accomplish newly learned tasks quickly and accurately.  Her professionalism is noteworthy in the way that she politely approaches others and consistently offers assistance to not only her supervisors but also other members of the staff.  Jaqui is a role model for others and a valued member of the Human Resources Team.

June 2015 — Jon Jones

Jon JonesA nominator stated, “Jon Jones is a great asset to our team of AV Techs. Recently we have had a large number of outside schools hosting their graduations here at the USU.  Jon has been scheduled for a few them.  From two separate groups I received great feedback about his services.  One of the principals went so far as to send a special thank you to both Jon and the department on behalf of his school for Jon's excellent service that far exceeded their expectations.  In the letter it is noted how much time Jon took to help the kids with mic technique and putting together an automated slide show to help with the presentation. Special note was taken with how well Jon managed both the adult staff from the school and the kids. It was also noted how well he handled all the last minute changes that were thrown at him. Beyond his customer service, Jon is always on top of keeping our standards of storage and equipment practices. He is always willing to come in on a moment’s notice to help clean, organize or fill in for a last minute change. He gets along great with his peers and is outgoing with other departments. During the setup for the Summer Celebration at the SRC, Jon dove right in to a group of SRC Building Managers to help lay the floor.  He wanted to integrate and get to know some of the other staff rather than just staying in his own 'circle'.  Jon has been a huge asset to the RES department and I would like to make sure he gets recognized for all his hard work.”

June 2015 — Jordan Morales

Jordon MoralesA nominator stated, “Jordon is extremely deserving of the Student Assistant for the Month of June 2015 because she has been instrumental in assisting with extra tasks in preparing for the opening of the Oasis Wellness Center in additional to performing other duties outside of her normal job duties. Jordon has led the interview processes for all SAE positions (Oasis Operations Assistant, Oasis Building Manager and Oasis Assistant) within the Oasis Wellness Center by reviewing applications, preparing questions, scheduling interviews, etc. In addition to her normal job duties and assistance with the Oasis Wellness Center, Jordon has taken on some new projects for this coming training week, including spearheading and organizing the SRC Fall semester kick-off and F&W Retreat. She has also been extremely helpful in assisting her supervisor in updating the Standard Operating Procedures Manual, Training Week schedules, Manager Expectations, and agendas for meetings. Lastly, Jordon has really demonstrated growth over the last year and has excelled in performing the job duties required of her position.”

May 2015 — Christian Kerr

Christian KerrA nominator stated, “Christian has been a key contributor to the improvements that have taken place within the Intramurals program. As a student supervisor, Christian has strived to improve as a leader and helping the staff to become better at what they do. He has sought out opportunities to present to the staff and has assisted with various officials trainings in different sports. He has voluntarily attended additional off campus officials’ trainings for flag football and basketball with the hopes of becoming a better official and sharing what he has learned from those trainings with the CSUN Intramural staff. Christian has displayed a selfless personality as a supervisor by always supporting the officials and scorekeepers he has worked with during highly stressful situations. He has also never felt an assignment was beneath him to assist with, including picking up trash and collecting the dirty/sweaty jerseys at the end of his assigned shift. The best part about having the privilege to work with Christian has been seeing him create connections with players, spectators, and the intramural staff. Through these connections, he has been able to encourage the staff to keep giving their best efforts and the players to have fun while remaining calm when they feel as if a call went against them. Christian has developed into a good supervisor and a better person!”

May 2015 — Max Murillo

Max MurilloA nominator stated, “Max Murillo is deserving of the SAE of the Month Award because of his extraordinary talents and work ethic as the Student Graphic Artist for the Marketing Department. Recently, Max finished his Spring 2015 semester as the President of SAGA (Student Association of Graphic Artist) as well as balancing a full load of work at the USU. He is a great role model to other is always working hard as well as bringing a positive attitude and work ethic to our department. He gets along with everyone and is always willing to help others when they are in need, despite his full load of work. Whether is it is participating in events at the USU or encouraging others to participate, he truly has a Matador spirit and encompasses “Living the Matador Life”. He has gone above and beyond his work duties to ensure that he executes his projects in a mindful as well as creative manner. Recently, Max signed up for the Diversity Training Session and while some of us could not attend, he made sure to bring back his knowledge from the session and inform us on what great things that he learned during the training. He encouraged us to sign up for the Diversity Training Session and tailored some advice from the session to our positions in the marketing department. Currently, Max is also tackling a project that will be used to cover the fence with images that represent wellness and fitness near the SRC. This project exemplifies how passionate he is about his work as he sends us emails and reminders to get involved and be part of the project by posing in some of the photographs. As a bonus, Max also provided snacks for our department form his own money as his Random Act of Kindness for the marketing department. He also would provide healthy snacks, at times, to go along with our theme of health and wellness at the USU. As he gets close to graduation, I feel lucky to have worked from Max and see him as a mentor for our graphic design team as well as everyone else in the Marketing Department.”

April 2015 — Brandon Uritz

Brandon UritzA nominator said: Brandon has been a valued member of the USU for a long time. As the first person to be in the position and Assessment Assistant, he had quickly and diligently poured his efforts into the area to help individual departments, collaborators and the organization as a whole in its efforts to continuously improve. While he has many talents, the ones that have been most evident are his analytical and restorative attributes. These talents shined through brightly during the USU’s organizational wide Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS) Program Review, where he assisted in supporting the various area leads, management team members and the Executive Director in completing the Self-Assessment Guides and providing reports and scores for when the external team was on site. As we move toward the next of the Program Review, he has continued to serve on the internal review team to provide important insight.

Brandon always comes to the office with a friendly attitude that is to be modeled by other SAEs. It is a joy working with him because he truly cares about the work and the relationships he builds. He is a dedicated individual that deserves to be recognized as a stellar example of what the USU offers."

April 2015 — Kevin Voong

Kevin VoongA nominator said:"Kevin is one of our elite scorekeepers. He does not say much, but he has a lead by example approach. He goes above and beyond his scorekeeper duties by assisting with one-on-one trainings with newer score keepers. There are rarely any times when you have to make sure Kevin is doing his job. A majority of the time he has completed his job and is assisting with another position. If I was to describe Kevin in one word, it would have to be Humble. There is no job that he feels is to large or too small for him and that tells a lot about his character."

March 2015 — Andrew Hill

AAndrew Hill nominator stated,"Early on, Andrew distinguished himself as a Marketing Assistant who is filled with passion, enthusiasm, and enjoyment in his position and the organization as a whole. This month like any other, Andrew has demonstrated that he is an asset to the organization on so many fronts. He is constantly planning and executing publicity stunts, tabling events, assisting with social media campaigns and generating marketing assessments for our social media efforts. This is normally handled by two student assistants, but he has been able to manage these tasks on his own. Additionally, Andrew has the daunting task of managing the timely distribution of all marketing materials.

I believe that Andrew represents the University and the organization well on all fronts and is very deserving of this recognition. Andrew embraces his numerous responsibilities with professional maturity. His colleagues can look up to him for advice and he is fun to be around. Work gets done but at the same time new avenues of thinking are opened. Andrew is a leader who is humble. His talents are numerous and his willingness to excel is evident."

March 2015 — Samantha Simonds

Samantha Simonds

A nominator stated, "Samantha did a skillful job at planning and helping to launch the USU's Inclusive Language Campaign - a campaign designed around encouraging dialogue and changing behaviors surrounding speech that is oppressive and/or offensive in nature. The campaign was a new initiative and Samantha was charged with conceptualizing the programmatic roll out of a week-long series of events, as well as the planning and execution. She successfully helped launch the campaign through a street teaming effort, lecture, and launch event, The Soapbox. Samantha's enthusiasm for the topic of inclusive language and her commitment to thorough and creative planning was evident throughout each of the week's events. In Samantha's nearly two years in the USU Events department, she has shown tremendous growth in her role as an events planner, but much more so in her role as a professional. It brings me so much pride to say that she is a true example for other SAEs in not only the department, but the organization, to follow. Her growth and her talents will definitely leave behind a strong legacy in the Events department."

February 2015 — Neda Nickfardjam

Neda NickfardjamA nominator stated, “As the computer labs supervisor Neda has done an exceptional job at her position. Neda is a great leader and takes her job seriously at all times. Neda makes sure all computer lab technicians are performing at their highest level at all times. Neda shows great leaderships skills and is always on top things. Neda along with fellow supervisor Usman took charge of the lab while we had no active head supervisor, and did an exceptional job. She connects with her fellow co-workers to make sure the work environment is always at its best. Neda’s leadership and hard work should be recognized by USU for SAE of the month for February.”

February 2015 — Roberto Gutierrez

Roberto GutierrezA nominator stated, “While at work Roberto has always gone beyond himself (it's not about him) and has worked toward executing the mission of the department within the USU. Roberto, as all other rock star employees, has had a calm personality that takes time to gently explain to others the work that needs get done and keeps them on point (but has fun doing it), which is welcomed and much appreciated. This has been recognized by other student assistant employees.”

January 2015 — Charity Lavey

Charity LaveyA nominator stated, “Charity has been doing great work as a Building Manager. She constantly comes into her shift with a positive attitude, smile on her face, and all the other SAEs seek her for guidance. Throughout her time she has been receiving great comments from patrons, where they stated that she is always kind and very helpful. She is always optimistic when adversity occurs and has shown to work extremely well under pressure. She always offers to help out in side projects and is very reliable in picking up shifts to help out her fellow Building Managers. She is continuing to grow and she really proves to be an excellent student employee.”

January 2015 — Jose Gonzalez

Jose GonzalezA nominator stated, “Jose’s contributions to the SRC Facility Operations Department in the last few months have been outstanding. In addition to his regular Student Operations Assistant duties and responsibilities, he readily accepts new projects and sees them as instrumental challenges that are crucial to his development. Jose’s positive approach and friendly personality are his greatest assets. He is able to approach projects and tasks with optimism and the right attitude. He is a go-getter and is genuinely excited and anxious to work on new assignments. His ambition allows him to approach new challenges with ease and poise. Jose has recently dedicated his time to greatly improve the quality and quantity of the USU trainings. In addition to wide range of daily assignments, last minute projects, and presenting during Student Summit Jose was able to lead numerous trainings during the SRC training and maintenance week. It has been a great honor and privilege for me to work with Jose. I am very proud of his growth and lucky to witness his professional development. I strongly recommend Jose Gonzalez for the Student Assistant Employee of the Month award and cannot think of anyone else who deserves this honor more. He shines brighter than all our suns!”

December 2014 — Claudiu Caldarescu

Claudiu CaldarescuA nominator stated, “As a student assistant who has been with the USU for several years now, Claudiu serves as a great leader to incoming student employees and full time staff. As a new full time staff member, I actively sought out individuals who could help me become more familiarized with the various programs we use at the USU. I was informed that Claudiu was familiar with the program When to Work which is used for scheduling so I asked if he could assist me in learning how to navigate the website. I expected for him to give me a few tips on how to use the website, but to my surprise he created an in depth training including a Power Point with visual and easy to follow instructions. In addition, in times when the Marketing and Programs staff have been incredibly busy with work, Claudiu has stepped up to assist us in any way possible from coordinating components of events to making travel arrangements. Lastly, I would like to note Claudiu’s pleasant attitude towards work and his coworkers each day. Regardless of whether he is in the middle of finals week or if he is under the pressure of coordinating an event, he greets each person with a smile and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Claudiu continues to serve as a positive role model for other students and a leader of the veteran community on campus. He is truly deserving of this recognition.

December 2014 — Pedro Ramirez

Pedro RamirezA nominator stated, “Pedro assists with minor repair requests throughout the University Student Union, and takes pride in completing these projects quickly and accurately. He also jumps right on delivering packages before they pile up, without being told. He most recently was a tremendous help with planting of about 100 new plants, and spreading wood chips in the landscape planters south of the Student Recreation Center. Pedro has been an excellent addition to the Facilities Maintenance department.”

November 2014 — Kira Dimitri

Kira DimitriA nominator stated, “Kira is an inspired employee; however she came to this position inspired. She’s a recently promoted Meeting Room Crew Lead and has already increased the amount of work including quality of work that the Meeting Room Crew does. Staff have commented on certain MRC shift-teams that Kira has been the Lead on; she has an uncanny way of making the work environment positive with a “why not have fun while at work?” attitude. A fellow co-worker stated that, “Kira has developed to become an outstanding student employee and displays her diligent work ethic every time on shift. She has transitioned effortlessly into her new role as Meeting Room Crew Lead and constantly seeks new ways to improve at her position and ultimately advance our operations. Her involvement has ranged from training committees to interview panels to assigned projects and more.” Finally, Kira loves working here and recognizes the value of this organization with the experience that it provides through building relationships, networking, and learning.”

November 2014 — Jorge Lopez

Jorge LopezA nominator stated, “In November, the Membership Services department opened up two student positions and used the new Taleo system for the first time. Not only did Jorge attend the training on the new software, he took what he learned and RAN with it. In total, we received over 175 applications for six openings in the two positions. Jorge quickly learned how to use the new system and sorted through every application. He then scheduled all interviews, sat in all interviews, helped make hiring decisions, completed reference checks, and scheduled trainings. Jorge executed all aspects flawlessly, working within a limited timeframe for scheduling and quick turnaround time. Jorge went above and beyond is normal job requirements and took care of the entire process (which is very time consuming) without letting his normal day-to-day operations suffer.”

October 2014 — Angela Faissal

Angela FaissalA nominator stated, “Angela has the innate ability to create positivity in sometimes challenging situations, as well being very proactive about all things in the work place. Angela does a wonderful job accommodating for different skill sets within our trainer staff. She preaches that there is always something to be learned in a given situation, no matter how experienced you are as an individual. Whether someone is a first time trainer or an experienced trainer, we are all held to the same standard, which has created a level of accountability within our area that is much needed. I know that I am only scratching the surface with my list of ways Angela has positively contributed to the SRC, but it is because of the things I have mentioned that I am growing into being a better professional. She leads by example and is looked to for guidance more than others may realize.”

October 2014 — Leon Kozlowski

Leon KozlowskiA nominator stated, “Leon has shown tremendous dedication and professionalism while working at the computer lab. His performance as a computer lab is exemplary and is a perfect example of what the USU strives for. Leon has shown exceptional customer service, and does not take his job lightly. He goes above and beyond when assisting patrons. From a personal experience, I have noticed how Leon conducts himself in a very professional matter, and is always dedicated to the smooth running and operation of the lab. His experience in technology and software has had tremendous effect on the computer lab. Leon is always the first to step up and teach our lab workshops. Leon has taught almost all workshops that are offered at the computer lab from Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Photoshop. The feedback of the workshops is always positive. Seeing Leon’s hard work and strong dedication to the computer lab over the past month is something that other employees can strive for and should be recognized.”

October 2014 — Sally Harrison

Sally HarrisonA nominator stated, “Sally always has a smile on her face and she has words of support and encouragement for each member of the team and the patrons we serve at events. Sally seeks opportunities to improve workplace systems. She successfully identifies, analyzes, and solves problems that may arise and approaches problems in a positive manner – a true indication of her Positivity theme. She has played a key role in the organization and gathering of artifacts as a member of the Program Review Sub-Committee on Programs. She developed many of the systems in place and helps ensure timelines are met in order to accomplish goals. Much of the success behind the committee’s finished product is attributed to Sally! During the summer she assisted in the organization of Events department summer training and the orientation of new hires, while assuming several duties during the absence of the Student Business Assistant. She did so while staying on top of her normal duties in her role and serving as a member of the Student Summit Presentation Team. She is skilled, supportive, and a key component of what makes our team shine!”

September 2014 — Abby Blumberg

Abby BlumbergA nominator stated, “Abby Blumberg is an amazing student employee. She always volunteers for any extra student development opportunities that are not required of her. Whenever I ask for a task to be completed she usually replies, already done. For our official’s training this month, Abby volunteered to help create PowerPoint slides, as well as a section leader during the trainings. This type of attitude in the workplace empowers other employees to want to be more effective and efficient. Her work ethic and people skills really make her an elite employee here at the SRC. Abby also helped work the NIRSA basketball tournament that was hosted at CSUN where she took lead for the tournament staff. Lastly I would like to say that Abby has a great personality and helps everyone around her. We have weekly meetings and she is often the person that engages everyone and encourages all employees to be a better.”

September 2014 — Cameron Wilson

Cameron WilsonA nominator stated, “Cameron Wilson has demonstrated in so many ways the importance of taking initiative towards various programs/events that the SRC Aquatics department has to offer. Not only is he a veteran lifeguard who acts as a mentor and leader for his peers, he also commits his time to teaching swim lessons and conducts CPR/First Aid trainings for the CSUN community. Cameron is always seeking ways to improve the Aquatics program, for example, he provides solutions during in-service trainings that help refine the skills of his co-workers. Cameron fosters the USU/SRC mission by providing a safe and friendly environment for all patrons at CSUN. Overall Cameron Wilson has demonstrated that he deserves to be selected for Student employee of the month as he continues to grow as an individual and professional.”

August 2014— Usman Kamil

Usman KamilA nominator stated, “As a Computer Lab Technician Usman was looked up to by his peers for his technical prowess as well as his customer service skills with patrons. After about a year as being a Computer Lab Technician an opportunity arose for Usman to become the Operations Assistant in the lab. Ultimately Usman was chosen for the position and has thrived in this position to the present day. As the new Student Operations Assistant Usman makes himself available to all the CLTs to talk about anything. Usman checks in on all the Computer Lab Technicians throughout the semester to see how our classes are going and to make sure we have enough time between shifts and class. Furthermore, with the departure of the Computer Lab Coordinator, Usman with the help of Neda, the Computer Lab Supervisor, will take over the responsibilities of the coordinator until the position is filled. It is for these reasons and many more unmentioned that Usman is greatly deserving of this award.”

July 2014— Rose Witmer

Rose WitnerA nominator stated, “Rose has been an asset to the department from the time she was hired. She has continually found ways to save the organization money by looking for more cost effective office supplies. Even though Rose was new to the organization, she wanted to get involved and asked to join the Year End Celebration committee- without having attended one in the past. She was not selected for the committee because of this, but she still served as event assistance to the days leading up to the event and the day of. In the last month, Rose (with the help of Brent) built an online form for office supply orders to streamline the process and in hope to reduce paper use for orders. This form is extremely intricate and mirrors the old form exactly. She attended a staff meeting and presented the new form to the staff with ease and professionalism. For these reasons Rose Witmer is highly deserving of this award.”

July 2014— Eric Ceja

Eric CejasA nominator stated, “Eric Ceja continuously seeks ways to improve the aquatics department and the programs that it has to offer the CSUN community. Eric was given the opportunity to attend NIRSA this year and took complete advantage of the opportunity. Eric took the initiative to improve in-service trainings for the aquatics department by implementing new skills and techniques for the lifeguards. Throughout the summer, Eric committed himself to the various programs offered through the aquatics department at the SRC. He took on the responsibility to conduct the first Jr lifeguard program offered for Sunny Days Camp participants. On top of all the responsibilities that Eric has taken on, he also oversaw children's swim lessons for the CSUN community. Eric is highly deserving of this award as he continues to grow and act as a mentor for newer lifeguards who are seeking ways to improve their skills.”

June 2014 - Diana Tekeian

Diana TekeianA nominator stated, “Since beginning her position as the Business Assistant for the VRC, Diana has exemplified exceptional hard work and commitment to her position. Diana has worked hard to ensure that the VRC budget and events were set, and would function flawlessly come the day of the event. Her hard work has been instrumental in ensuring that VRC business is taken care of beyond budgeting and finances. She is always willing to help, and provides resource and information that has contributed to the success of our collaborative events between the USU Events Department and the VRC. For instance, Diana helped plan the 2014 VRC Graduation Reception by corresponding with student Veteran attendees. Her help and support ensured that our graduating student veterans were well informed, and could prepare accordingly for their reception event. Diana is an overall pleasure to work with, and a great asset to the VRC.”

June 2014 - Arianna Mesbahi

Arianna MesbahiA nominator stated, “Arianna played a very important role for the months of June and July. During these two months the Finance and Business Services department was very busy because with year-end finances. Arianna helped with opening new purchase orders for the new fiscal year and with the external financial audit. Arianna completed at least 30-40 purchase order requisitions during the first week of the fiscal year as well. She was able to accomplish these projects while training our new student assistant. Arianna maintained a high level of professionalism by consistently following organizational guidelines and treating her colleagues with respect at all times. She also demonstrated excellent time management skills by ensuring that her day was properly planned to get everything completed. Arianna played a vital role during the months of June and July; we couldn’t have had a successful start to the fiscal year without her.”

May 2014 — Tamara Gilmore

Tamara GilmoreA nominator stated, “When you see Tamara smiling at the front desk, you know it's going to be a good day. She brings positive energy and laughter to our department and everyone she interacts with. She sends out e-mails to the department encouraging them to stay focused in school with tests and all the things that demand our attention during the school year. She created a game for everyone in the department to participate in while on their break to boost moral and encompass our organization value "fun". She even stayed after Year End Celebration and helped clean up the event with the committee. Tamara is a genuine person who adds so much to our department and organization.”

May 2014 — Kyle Hufnagel

Kyle HufnagelNominators stated, “Kyle has been an extremely bright and welcomed addition to the marketing team as the editorial assistant. His diligence, despite the constant requirement of his assistance and attention, is top notch. Kyle deals with just about every student assistant employee, as well as staff on a daily basis, and has solidified relationships with them in his short time here. Kyle was hired before the storm of projects came to the marketing department, and managed to quickly adapt to the pace. He has taken the role of PR Assistant in addition to his job because this position has not been filled yet.  He is very patient and does both jobs gracefully.”

April 2014 — Alexia Cage

Alexia CageA nominator stated, “Alexia consistently arrives on time for her scheduled shifts and meetings as well as completes all of her assigned tasks such as verifying SRC guests for their group exercise classes and ensures all the group exercise passes are returned. She is not afraid to speak with SRC patrons when they are not adhering to SRC policies. She is active in enforcing SRC policies such as checking for bags in the fitness zones, re-racking unattended weights, and monitoring proper equipment use to ensure patrons are safe. Additionally, Alexia has volunteered to work on multiple projects such as The Assertiveness in Policy Enforcement Presentation, ASL accommodations, Fusion and MindBody Presentation, and SRC Tour Training. Despite the high volume of projects Alexia has had no issues meeting aggressive deadlines. Alexia demonstrated her ability to meet deadlines when she completed all projects and presentations before they were due.

Perhaps most importantly Alexia is a role model to other Student Assistant Employees. She has mentored new staff in learning group exercise check-in procedures, policy enforcement, and use of online forms. A Fitness Assistant who had struggled in the past attributed their proficiency in learning the group exercise procedures from Alexia and was thankful for her efforts and patience. Alexia has welcomed new Fitness Assistants warmly by being a mentor and having new Fitness Assistants shadow her during her shifts. Alexia’s role in the SRC cannot be overstated. She is a leader through her qualities of dependability, initiative, and customer service which is why I believe she deserves to be recognized as the Student Assistant of the Month.”

April 2014 — Febe Ruiz

Febe RuizA nominator stated, “This graduating business senior has proven herself as a leader and developer who is mature, directive, responsible, assertive, a mentor, and an outstanding Intern/Business Assistant. Her talents and abilities as a focused and responsible employee were taken to a greater level on March 18 when her supervisor was un-expectantly taken ill. Having worked closely with the manager in analyzing and creating a budget for the 2014-2015 academic year, the manager's absence came days before the budget presentation and final edit, leaving Febe to make final calculations and corrections. She stepped in brilliantly to work with the executive director to shape a budget for presentation.

When she is not doing stellar budget work, Febe mentors other students in the department. Whether it is teaching them skill sets, delegating work that supports her function, or arranging a group dinner for the student team, she has shown great interest not only in the work of the unit, but in its people as well. Ms. Ruiz' interest in serving the organization extends beyond Administration. She is a member of the USU's Finance Committee, served as a volunteer for the PBS red carpet event, and presented a standing-room-only workshop two student co-workers at the final Region 15 conference of the Association of College Unions, International held in Hawaii last year. Febe is one of Administration's best student employees of the past 15 years. I laud her professionalism, her excellence, her maturity, her leadership, care, and mentorship which are all served up with the brightest of smiles.”

March 2014 — Jacqueline Duong

Jacqueline DuongA nominator stated, “To whom it may concern, For the month of February I would like to nominate Jacqueline Duong for Student Assistant of the Month. Jackie started working here in the summer of 2013. Right from the start Jackie took the initiative to learn all of our procedures and ways that we help out patrons. Jackie made the effort to quickly learn how to troubleshoot most if not all of the basic problems that we as Lab Techs run into on a daily basis by the end of the summer. As the fall semester started Jackie began to hone her craft as a lab tech by becoming one who could always be counted on to assist patrons in the best way possible and with a smile. She did such a superb job in her first month as a Lab Tech that her peers voted her for our department outstanding employee award, the U Shine Bright or USB Award. Jackie continued to present herself as a model Computer Lab Technician for her peers to look up to as the semester advanced and concluded. In the Spring 2014 semester Jackie took on the role of being in charge of the departments Intranet page by making sure that it was up to date with pictures and information. Not only does Jackie stay on top of her project of Intranet Moderator, but she also sends out CLT briefs in which she informs and reports to her peers and supervisors on situations and procedures in the lab that are fluctuating and changing. Jackie’s extraordinary work ethic continued into the spring semester so much so that she was constantly praised by her peers and supervisors in our bi-monthly working meetings. According to one of Jackie’s supervisors, Jackie is a worker who is constantly moving around and always making sure that the lab is in order for patron use, by filling up printers with paper, typing up the lab report, filling up staplers, pushing in chairs as patrons are leaving and managing lines as they form. Jackie fulfills all of her duties as a Lab Tech all while making herself continuously available to patrons if they have a question or concern. Her supervisor went on to say that Jackie is one of the workers that can always be counted on to portray the Computer Labs and the USU in a positive light. In conclusion, Jackie has shown that her work effort goes above and beyond what her job description requires as evident by the constant praise that she receives not only from her supervisors and peers, but from patrons who request her personal assistance. Jackie truly has made the Computer Labs Department and the USU shine brighter with her presence, work ethic and customer service skills. I believe that she deserves to be acknowledged for everything she has done for her department and for the USU as a whole.”

February 2014 — Gregory Pease

Gregory PleaseA nominator stated, “What makes Greg an excellent student assistant employee is that he is always on the lookout for ways to improve the University Student Union. During Winter Break he assisted with projects throughout the Union that ensured cleanliness of the facility. He is always happy to assist other departments and uses his clever wit to solve any situation. During the semester Greg does not falter in taking initiative. As an employee and student, Greg goes above and beyond to ensure that the events in the Union are professionally run. Whenever a student, guest, or fellow student employee of the Union needs help Greg always comes to the rescue with a smile. If you ever want to catch him at work you can find him monitoring Noon Time Concerts for sound quality, checking meeting rooms for maintenance, or offering helpful suggestions at department meetings. Both on and off shift Greg inspires those around him to take initiative and pride in all that they do.”

February 2014 — Kimberly White

Kimberly WhiteA nominator stated, “In the month of February, Kimberly was responsible for an event called The Changing Same. This panel-style event allowed students, staff, and faculty from diverse backgrounds a forum and a safe space for them to share ideas, trends, and personal experiences about their gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and race. Kimberly’s event brought over 80 attendees; this number is remarkable in the fact that the event was standing room only. Specifically in the month of February, she has gone above and beyond to be a good representative of the Pride Center and the USU at large. She makes her employment experience with the USU meaningful by maximizing her personal and professional development as a Student Assistant Employee and as a leader on campus. Kimberly has made these accomplishments relevant in her student life as a Sociology major, and is continually inspired to be an advocate for change.”

January 2014 — Amber Bartmus

Amber BartmusA nominator stated, “Amber Bartmus is one of the best examples of effective customer service in our organization. Quick, resourceful, and fun, Amber exudes a can-do attitude and answers patron inquires with accurate information and a smile. She never misses an opportunity to greet a customer or fellow USU employee. Amber has helped the Pride Center programs run smoothly by helping to track down building managers - for example, to open the programs closet for decorations and other programmatic needs for our events. Amber is always willing to help, and is great at balancing the needs of both USU employees and CSUN patrons. Since the start of the Sol Center front desk's extended hours of operation, I have personally seen Amber give great customer service to patrons as late as 9:30 PM, and always has a great attitude while doing it. This, to me, shows Amber's productive work ethic and ability to run the front desk single-handedly - even while unsupervised. Amber's commitment to customer service is outstanding. Her actions and behavior at work set an example for her co-workers and move the organization as a whole towards its Mission Statement.”

January 2014 — Taylor Cubas

Taylor CubasA nominator stated, “Taylor has been an asset to the department since she joined the team in July of 2013. She is very professional, polite and always willing to assist her colleagues in any shape, way or form. I have received numerous e-mails from department managers expressing the satisfaction for the service Taylor provided. One example is when a purchase order requisition had to be completed on the same day; the department manager submitted it to Taylor with the urgent request. Taylor was able to process the purchase order and hand-delivered the copy to the department manager. This shows the level of integrity she brings to the job. In addition, Taylor assisted me in completing a complex financial report that had to be submitted to the Associate Director, Finance & Business Services and the Executive Director. The report was used to make future financial decisions and the AD, F&BS and the executive Director praised the report. This is an honor and huge accomplishment on her part and merits the student of the month award.””

December 2014 — Ruther Agonoy

Ruther AgonoyA nominator stated, “Ruther has displayed excellent maturity in his role in Facilities Maintenance. When Ruther first started he immediately took on the role of delivering packages daily, without being directed to do so. Since then, there has been a more consistent delivery of packages, and less overflow in the maintenance shop area. Ruther also pays attention to things around him that affect his job. For instance, Ruther listens to the 2-Way radio communications closely, and even though he may not be involved in the conversation, he will intercede if he can assist, or expedite, the needs of the people involved. Most recently Ruther has taken on hanging and re-hanging much of the Art work in the Northridge center. Ruther does not wait day to day to be told what to do. He knows what he has to do, and he gets it done. Ruther is has been an excellent addition to the Faculties Maintenance department.”

December 2013 — Pero Akinbohun

Pero AkinbohunA nominator stated, “Simply cannot overstate how valuable Pero is to my ability to get things done every day. She shows up every day with a great attitude, ready to do whatever needs to be done that day. She tackles each task thoroughly and professionally with very little direction and supervision. She learns quickly and thinks critically. She anticipates needs as if she has been here for years. She helps other departments without question. She integrates feedback immediately. She "manages up" with skill beyond her years. She is ESSENTIAL!”

November 2013 — Claudiu Caldarescu

Claudio CaldarecuA nominator stated, “Since beginning his tenure as the VRC supervisor over one year ago, Claudiu has served as a constant source of support to his supervisor, the VRC staff, and their patrons - veteran and civilian alike. Claudiu often goes above and beyond his normal scope of duties, covering the front desk and sometimes that of the Pride Center, flexing his schedule to assist with events, and supporting the VRC staff in efforts to help set them up for success. In the absence of his direct supervisor, Claudiu took on added leadership responsibilities including the monitoring of the department's budget, assisting with evaluations, and closer interactions with the peer mentors - advocating for a bi-weekly group meeting where he could be included and serve as a source of support, a true indication of his Responsibility talent themes. Although Claudiu's tenure with the USU/VRC draws to a close at the end of this semester, I can say that in my short time supervising him, a nomination is most befitting as he is definitely deserving.”

November 2013 — Trudy Pilgrim

Trudy PilgrimA nominator stated, “As we approach of a full year of Trudy's tenure in the USU Events department, the growth that she has demonstrated is evident. Trudy had a very steep learning curve as she learned the systems in place to track and facilitate the department's budgetary systems. While lessons were not always easy, she handled them with grace and patience, a true reflection of her Restorative and Learner talent themes, but always with a tireless effort to master each challenge - an indicator of her Achiever and Restorative talents. Trudy has assisted in training the Business Assistant for the BOD upon hiring, assuming additional duties during the recruitment of the position and has since been called on to assist with various projects for Business Services, as well as training the VRC Supervisor on various budgetary and purchasing procedures.

When Trudy develops new systems, she consults widely and deeply - not just with her direct supervisor, but with other professional staff in the Business Services department to fully understand policies and is not afraid to offer suggestions for improvement. I am amazed at the progress Trudy has shown in the last year and recommend her wholeheartedly for Student Assistant Employee of the Month.”

October 2013 — Jose Lepe

Jose LepeA nominator stated, “Jose stands out for several reasons, whenever there is a project, even if he is not specifically assigned to it, he is always there to help. Recently, I personally needed the Pro Shop storage cabinet moved because a new one was ordered. He happened to be walking by and decided to stop and help. He moved the huge cabinet, almost all by himself, and put it in the new location. He did this without a work order and without being asked; he just took the initiative to do it.

One day Jose noticed that the frames hanging on my wall were a little crooked and off center. The very next morning he came in bright & early to fix the frames to my specification. Again, this was done without being asked.

I have never ever seen Jose in a bad mood. He is not only one of the most polite students I have met, but he is genuinely kind and wants to help people with whatever it is they need, no matter how much of a burden it is to him.”

October 2013 — Caleb Pate

Caleb PateA nominator stated, “Although Caleb works in the Fitness & Wellness Department as an Operations Assistant, he constantly helps out in all departments of the SRC. In Caleb’s roles, he has to work with lots of vendors and he always conducts himself as a mature professional, way beyond the expected maturity level of a college student. Caleb is always polite when dealing with customers, internal and external, but also keeps the mood light and jokes around with co-workers.

What sets Caleb apart this month is the assistance he provided in several emergency situations that occurred here at the SRC. Responding to emergencies in the facility is not part of Caleb’s “official” job description as he does mostly behind the scenes, business-related tasks. However, upon hearing a radio call on two different occasions even though he was about to clock out for the day, Caleb quickly responded to the emergencies and helped the situation. In the difficult situations he was faced with, Caleb maintained a calm composure and helped everyone that needed assistance. Caleb helped set an example to students (and even some professionals such as myself) on how to remain calm and focus on the task at hand, no matter how scary it can be. Caleb’s compassion for others and willingness to put others ahead of himself was displayed in two extreme cases of emergencies that happened within days of each other.” 


September 2013 — Peruza Gevorgyan

Peruza GevorgyanA nominator stated, “Although this is Peruza's first paid employment position the level of professionalism she demonstrates is far more typical of a seasoned employee.  Peruza is a knowledgeable, efficient and dependable student assistant employee. Utilizing her positivity strength, Peruza always puts out a positive attitude and demeanor. She is also adaptable and does things without grumble. In this past month, Peruza was able to accomplish pending projects with care and precision such as the staff personnel file purge and tracking of certain USU policies that must be signed by all staff. Even though these projects are HR in nature, these do not fall within Peruza’s immediate scope of responsibilities. To add, Peruza activates her Discipline strength when assisting both HR Assistants in our heavy work load by listening, learning and executing the tasks, again never with fuss and always with a helpful, can-do attitude. In her, a little over a year tenure with the USU, she has become very knowledgeable in her position and can complete tasks relating to student employment as well as staff employment.  Peruza serves as an outstanding representative of the University Student Union and the Human Resources Office.”

September 2013 — Jovon Riggins

Jovon RigginsA nominator stated, “Jovon Riggins, a two year veteran employee of the Computer Labs has stepped up in leadership because of his vast experience in the Lab. Jovon can always be counted on to be an example of how a Computer Lab Technician should conduct themselves in all situations. His phenomenal performance as a Lab Technician has been recognized by his peers by winning the Department’s USB (U Shine Bright) Award for exemplary performance on the job during the Spring 2013 semester.

Furthermore, at the end of the year Jovon was recognized by his supervisors by winning the award for being the Lab Technician that can be counted on the most to step up. Not only does Jovon meet the expectations of a Computer Lab Technician, he exceeds them by training new hires by sharing the knowledge he has gained over the years of experience and most importantly by his example. Jovon is dedicated to the smooth running and operation of the lab and shows it by sending briefs to all the Lab Techs about how procedures and operations of the lab should be done, be it closing procedures or simply how to unjam an electric stapler. Additionally, he teaches a Tech Series on Excel that is not only invaluable to the Computer Lab Department but to the student population as well. His Tech Series is always one of the first to fill up as well as the most asked about Series. I feel like it is time he deserves to be recognized for all the hard work and dedication he has given not only to the Union, but to the student population.”

August 2013 — Sherry Butler

Sherry ButlerA nominator stated, “Sherry takes on a lot of responsibilities- ordering supplies for all of the USU events- big (like Matador Nights) and not-as-big (making sure all of her officemates have the supplies we need at our desks) - and she does it with confidence and ease. Sherry is just so humble about her talents, which makes it hard for her to standout in a pool of other applicant. However, I really want her to win this because she really deserves it. She loves interacting with students and she loves the USU, you could clearly see this when you see her promoting the USU.

Sherry volunteered to assist another department hire their office manager. She was asked to serve in this capacity because others see her work ethic and how efficient she is with her work. She really is that good. We've been trying to hire a clerical assistant for several months now. Sherry has been putting in extra time, coming in between classes and on her day off on Friday to help us stay afloat. She's been doing double duties for some time now...since she was hired the department and all of our responsibilities have grown. Sherry can be depended on like a true professional. She has meetings with business services and SRC staff without me there to back her up. This is so above and beyond her role as a SAE.”

August 2013 — Stephanie Lobos

Stephanie LobosA nominator stated, “Stephanie always displays a friendly and positive attitude. She assists the Sunrise Boot Camp class on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and she is incredibly motivating and supportive. She takes the time to show participants modifications if they are unable to perform the (often difficult) movements. She’s done such a great job as a Group Exercise Intern that she was selected to attend the IDEA World Fitness Convention this year. Stephanie also did an outstanding job sharing her personal experiences during the August Student Summit. I was so incredibly impressed with her part of the large-group presentation. She decided to speak from the heart and share a very personal story about her mother. Her story really tugged at the heartstrings, but also drove home the point to students that you have to be passionate about your values, and know why your values are important to you. I am really impressed with Stephanie’s growth and professionalism over the past year and believe she is deserving of this award.”

July 2013 — Diana Andriola

Diana AndriolaA nominator stated, “Diana repeatedly puts herself out there, despite having just graduated and preparing to travel across the country alone for grad school. She takes on responsibilities and challenges and accomplishes her tasks with distinction and passion. She is not only a strong support for her mentees, but a pillar of the Pride Center, providing sensibility, support, compassion and mature wisdom for her co-workers and fellow USU staff. To get students engaged with the Pride Center over the summer, Diana created, organized, and facilitated a LGBTQ Summer Book. The book club was developed based off of feedback she received from students during her office hours. Diana was a huge asset to the Pride Center and she will be greatly missed.”

July 2013 — Christopher DeDominic

Christopher DeDominicA nominator stated, “Christopher is a veteran staff member with 4 plus semesters as a Computer Lab Technician. He has vast knowledge about the running and operation of the lab and consequently he is always looked up to by his peers. Christopher’s experience in the lab has shone brightly is his customer service skills as well as computer troubleshooting skills. Christopher has shown great initiative by taking on small leadership roles in the lab and always exceeding the expectations that are required by the job. His leadership and approachability in the lab has led him to be called “open, responsible and always looking for ways to improve the running of the Lab.” by his coworkers. Furthermore as one of the most senior members on the Computer Lab staff, he is depended on by his supervisors in the training of many of the newly hired Computer lab Technicians due veteran experience.”

June 2013 — Jose Coatepotzo

Jose CoatepotzoA nominator stated, “I wanted to nominate Jose for the amazing job he has done for me over the past few weeks. I asked for his assistance with my budget (just to check a few minor things) and not only did he clean up my tracker, he updated it for this month as well! Jose is an awesome asset to the Business Services team and I greatly appreciate him!!! Jose is always more than willing to help out-no matter how much time it takes. He is very knowledgeable in his job and his willingness to help is so appreciated. Jose is one of those students who does what needs to be done (and beyond!) without being asked or even recognized for it; he does it because he knows it’s the right thing to do.”

June 2013 — Brenda Cruz

Brenda CruzA nominator stated, “Brenda has done a great job over the past few months preparing for the Sunny Days Camp summer program. She scheduled the CPR/First Aid class for staff, placed all campers in their groups, confirmed bus transportation for the first filed trips of the summer and supervised the staff as they decorated the entire camp area.

Her biggest accomplishment, however, was coordinating the Open House on June 5th! On June 5th over 250 campers and their families descended on Sunny Days Camp excited to meet their counselors and pick up their camp gear. Brenda was personally responsible for coordinating the entire event. She purchased the supplies, prepared the camp gear for distribution, scheduled staff to cover numerous food and arts & crafts stations, created group lists for help campers find their counselors, developed a spreadsheet to track waiver and liability forms and prepared the staff bulletin boards. Brenda is a great employee and she truly enjoys her job. She continually does more than is asked of her and she communicates extremely well with campers and parents.”

May 2013 — Chelsea Herman

Chelsea HermanA nominator stated, “Chelsea’s most recent success was the Staff Appreciation Day, June Rejuvenation, in which she planned and executed with grace and incredible work ethic. Chelsea spent many hours brainstorming, planning, and executing this event to show gratitude for the staff. Chelsea demonstrated incredible creativity with the event and used her leadership skills to put together a group to help organize the event and make it a special day for all in attendance. Many of the supervisors had a wonderful time at the event, and leading up to the event everyone saw Chelsea's efforts to make it a wonderful day.

The event was organized and beautiful thanks to Chelsea and her excellent planning. Though Chelsea was responsible for planning a great event, she exceeds expectations daily. Ready to work and always offering a hand, Chelsea knows what it means to display grace and how to be a team player. She is a tremendous asset to the HR Department and a wonderful colleague for everyone in the University Student Union.”

May 2013 — Jose Levya

Jose LeyvaA nominator stated, “Other than the great skills and customer service he brings to his supervisor position and the leadership he models for the rest of his department, Joe has excelled in a different way during the month of May. As a CTVA major with aspirations to become a film editor, Joe has been able to use his passion for editing and translate it to his work experience here. Joe has created several films (including an SRC tour training video and Staff Appreciation video) which have not only showcased his talents, but have been appreciated and used by many USU employees.

Joe’s passion and dedication is apparent when working on these projects. He has done a wonderful job translating his true career goals into his time here at the SRC. Joe also took on the role of Multimedia chair for Year End Celebration. Not only did he meet the requirements of this position, but he surpassed all expectations by putting together the best set of videos to be displayed at any Year End Celebration ceremony so far.”