• Universal Design Center Banner- Includes multiple figures representing a person using a cane, hearing, a person using a wheelchair, vision, speech, a keyboard, and a figure of a brain.

Past Training and Presentations

CSUN  International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference 2014

CSUN Universal Design Center Efficient Compliance Evaluations Methods (PPTX)

UDC shares scalable methods for testing Accessibility/Usability for Web Content, using compliance criteria to evaluate standards, incorporate accessible coding methodologies for all types of users.

California State University’s Methodology for Driving Web Accessibility (PPTX)

This session highlights CSU’s comprehensive methodology for building an accessibility program and implementing a consistent approach to accessibility testing and training to ensure adoption university-wide.


Training Session Materials

HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff - Beginner Guide (DOCX) 

Beginners Compliance Sheriff Training Session included a brief overview of Compliance Sheriff along with hands-on demonstrations and exercises about Checkpoints, Scans and Views.

Web Content Accessibility Issues Web Page

This web page contains inaccessible web content and is intended to be used as a training tool for manually testing for accessibility.

Accessible Word Document Creation Using Microsoft Word 2010 (PPTX)

Learn accessibility practices for creating documents in Microsoft Word 2010.

Accessible PDF Document Creation Using Adobe Acrobat 11 (PPTX)

Learn practices for creating accessible PDFs in Adobe Acrobat 11.