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Compliance Sheriff

Notification - Compliance Sheriff Report  

New series of Compliance Sheriff scans are scheduled to run on a quarterly basis during the year on the second Saturday of July, October, January and April. You will be notified when the scans are completed and the reports become available for your review.

        Latest scans run: Saturday, April 9 to Monday April 11, 2016

        Checkpoints included: CSU ATI Accessibility Requirements

The new scan results have the following naming conversion:

Example: College of Humanities – ATI Requirements 

To access Compliance Sheriff please visit the Compliance Sheriff hosted server.

If you have any question please contact UDC at universaldesigncenter@csun.edu or call 818-677-5898.

The California State University (CSU) uses HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff to assist with testing webpages against accessibility standards.


Compliance Sheriff Resources

CSU ATI Accessibility Requirements (DOCX) 

Compliance Sheriff User's Guide

HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff - Beginner Guide (DOCX) 

HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff - Intermediate Guide (DOCX) 

Checkpoint CSU.1.0a - Validate all links - Update Explained (PDF) 

Compliance Deputy Resources

Compliance Deputy User's Guide (PDF) PDF icon

Compliance Sheriff Video Training

CSU Cryptzone Video Training - Access Request Form

  • Compliance Sheriff Product Training
  • Compliance Deputy Product Training
  • Intro to Accessibility
  • HTML5 Accessibility
  • JavaScript Accessibility

CSUN Compliance Sheriff Coordinators

Compliance Sheriff Coordinators list

Resources for the CSU System

Provide feedback about specific checkpoints within Compliance Sheriff.

CSU ATI Rule Set Feedback Form

Contact HiSoftware for help with or to comment on how Compliance Sheriff works.

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