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The Freshman Celebration, 2008: archived page

About the Freshman Celebration

(Note: This webpage is the archive for the 2008 Freshman Celebration. Visit the current year's Celebration website for information on this year's projects.)

Freshmen taking University 100 and/or other Freshman Connection classes are invited to participate each fall in this celebration of first-semester academic achievement. Ask your UNIV 100 or other Freshman Connection class instructor for details about how you can participate, and which class projects might be appropriate for display at this public event. Read on for photos and other information from past years and an overview of the Freshman Connection. For more information, email Cheryl Spector

Ellen Stohl and her UNIV 100 class and mentor with their prize-winning exhibit.

Winning Exhibits from 2008 (see photos)

The 2008 Food Drive

2008 Photos

Scholarly journals and poster project, F08 Tribes poster inspired by Sherman Alexie's book, F08 "Portraying Poverty": Photos and accompanying descriptions displayed on chain link fence, F08

Photo credits: "Scholarly Journal and Freshman Family Connection" and "Tribes" poster by Cheryl Spector. "Portraying Poverty" chain link fence display by Helen Dosick.

More about the 2008 Freshman Celebration

More Photos from 2008: The "Looking-Glass Self" Project (SOC 150)

Masks from the "Looking-Glass Self" ProjectMasks and essays from the Looking-Glass Self Project, F08More masks from the "Looking-Glass Self Project, F08

Photo credits: Tuyen Nguyen, Helen Dosick, Helen Dosick.