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Course Goals and Student Learning Outcomes for University 100

University 100: The Goals of the Course

Associated Students President Amanda Flavin reads 'The Glass Castle.'

As a result of completing University 100, you should be able to:

  1. Describe the value of higher education to society.
  2. Explain why you are in college.
  3. Define and describe the value of lifelong learning.
  4. Describe what CSUN expects of you as a student: what are your roles and responsibilities at CSUN?
  5. Make positive choices about time and involvement (both curricular and co-curricular).
  6. Demonstrate problem-solving and goal-setting skills.
  7. Demonstrate familiarity with CSUN's academic policies and programs, and show proficiency locating that information in the university catalog.
  8. Demonstrate familiarity with campus resources and locations (e.g. Health Center, etc.).
  9. Find, evaluate, and use appropriate print and electronic information to complete class assignments.
  10. Assess your strengths and weaknesses in basic academic and communication skills, including reading and listening with comprehension; organizing ideas for presentation; writing brief papers and reports; speaking in public; participating in group discussions; and working cooperatively in diverse communities.
  11. Use your awareness of personal style (learning style and/or personality type) to enhance your personal and academic success.
  12. Establish positive relationships with other students, with faculty, and with other members of the campus community (i.e., make friends; ask questions; ask for help).
  13. Transact basic university business (e.g., select and register for classes, interact with Financial Aid and/or Cash Management, meet requirements for immunizations, view semester grades).
  14. Identify ethical issues, appreciate the role of critical thinking in examining alternatives, and formulate your own position with respect to selected issues.

University 100: Student Learning Outcomes for Assessment

CSUN student Jennifer reads 'The Glass Castle.'

Upon successful completion of your U100 class, you will be able to:

  1. Describe CSUN policies and resources central to your success as a student.
  2. Describe some of your strengths as a learner.
  3. Describe ways in which you are an agent in your own academic success.
  4. Find and use appropriate information resources to negotiate complex challenges (for example, ethical dilemmas, academic assignments, and/or issues of personal identity).
  5. Demonstrate your ability to use at least one time management technique.
  6. Name [at least] two people you have met at CSUN whom you can call on for help.