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University Writing Council

University Writing Council Responsibilities

The primary purpose of the California State University, Northridge University Writing Council is to provide a forum for constructive, collaborative, and communal conversations about how to help our students develop as effective writers and critical readers and thinkers. An additional goal is to enable students to gain insight into and appreciation of cultural, ethnic, racial, social, gender, sexual, and ability diversity. Oriented toward the multi-departmental Stretch Composition curriculum, the conversation can be wide-ranging. It can include discussion of pedagogical approaches, reading and writing tasks, subject matter for exploration and research, issues concerning response and assessment, and the incorporation of rhetoric and new media into the program. It is also likely to address administrative issues,  articulation among CSU campuses,  and course sequencing.

Although the primary responsibility of the council is to serve as a forum for discussion, it can, when appropriate, function in an advisory capacity for policy decisions.

Writing Council Procedures (.pdf)

Contact Information:


Elizabeth Adams

Senior Director of Undergraduate Studies


Ian Barnard

Chair, University Writing Council


Pamela Bourgeois

Coordinator, Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam


Douglas Carranza

Coordinator, Central American Studies Program


Irene Clark

Director of Composition, English Department


Kate Haake

Associate Chair, English Department


Anne Kellenberger

Writing Programs Coordinator, Learning Resource Center


Sharon Klein

Coordinator, Writing and Reading Across Disciplines


Greg Knotts

Coordinator, Queer Studies Program


Gina Masequesmay

Chair,  Asian American Studies Department







Renee Moreno

Director of Composition, Chican@ Studies Department


Mary Pardo

Chair, Chican@ Studies Department


Cheryl Spector

Director, Academic First Year Experiences


Tom Spencer-Walters

Director of Composition, Pan African Studies Department


Karin Stanford

Chair, Pan African Studies Department


Francisco N. Tamayo

Co-Coordinator, Chican@ Studies Writing Lab


Maria Turnmeyer

Director of Composition, Asian American Studies Department


Steven Wexler

Director of the CSUN Stretch Video


Karina Zelaya

Director of Composition, Central American Studies Program