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U100 Student-Athletes Help Clean Up Manhattan Beach

July 28, 2014

U100 Student Atheletes clean up at Manhattan Beach

From CSUN Today

For Matador student-athletes, there’s more to the beach than surf and sun. Dozens of California State University, Northridge student-athletes from three different sports gathered July 19 at the Manhattan Beach pier for a Heal the Bay beach clean-up event. Under overcast skies, the students combed the sand for trash and other debris left behind by summer beachgoers.

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New Analysis Says College Is (Surprise!) Still Worth the Cost

July 17, 2014

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The Chronicle of Higher Education says that "an analysis released on Wednesday by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland comes to a familiar conclusion about the value of a college education: While earning a degree saddles many people with student-loan debt, it still pays off in the long run. Among the evidence cited by the researchers, Daniel Carroll and Amy Higgins, is the advantage in earnings enjoyed by those with college degrees." Read more

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