Matador Achievement Center

Staff Members

Brett Sanders, Director

Brett has been involved with the mentoring and tutoring of CSUN's student-athletes for over 10 years. With the creation of the Matador Achievement Center in 2013, Brett moved into the role of director, responsible for overseeing both the mentoring and tutoring programs, with an eye toward improvement of technique and technology. Email:

Cristi Allen, Mentoring Coordinator

Cristi facilitates the operations of the mentoring program. Her responsibilities include scheduling mentoring appointments, training mentors, and reviewing weekly reports on the academic progress of each mentee.  Through constant communication with coaches, advisers, and mentors, Cristi ensures that student-athletes enrolled in the mentoring program receive the type of individualized support that will help them achieve their athletic and academic goals. Email:

Andrea Hernandez, Tutoring Coordinator

Andrea is responsible for the scheduling and training of all of the Matador Achievement Center's 30+ tutors. She coordinates with coaches, student-athletes, and tutors to provide tutoring that is tailored toward improving on a student's weaknesses and enhancing their strengths. In addition, Andrea has organized the launch of an online tutoring program, scheduled to begin in the Spring 2014 semester. Email:

Erika Baron, Administrative Support

Erika provides administrative support for the Matador Achievement Center, ensuring that the mentoring and tutoring programs have everything that they need in order to assist the student-athletes. In addition, Erika runs the equipment checkout program and keeps the website up-to-date! Email: