Matador Achievement Center


About the Mentoring Program

The purpose of the Mentoring Program is to teach the student-athlete how to excel both during college and after graduation.  Mentors meet with their mentees for an hour each week throughout the semester to discuss what happened during the past week and to help the student-athlete focus on what needs to be done in the upcoming week.  Mentors listen to their student-athletes and encourage them to honestly assess their own academic progress and habits.  In addition, mentors provide resources, study skills, life skills, and problem-solving strategies that student-athletes need in handling both academic and athletic responsibilities.

Eligibility for the Mentoring Program

Before each semester, coaches and academic advisors submit the names of the student-athletes they think would benefit most from working with a mentor.

The following criteria are used in determining eligibility for participation in the program:

  • First-time Freshman
  • Academically at-risk exceptional admit
  • Other at-risk or first-semester CSUN student-athlete

Becoming a Peer Mentor

Due to the size of the mentoring program, the Matador Achievement Center is always looking for student-athletes to join our team of mentors. There are several mandatory qualifications that applicants must meet:

  • Must be current or former student-athlete at California State University Northridge.
  • Must be a sophomore academically.
  • Must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00.

In addition to the mandatory criteria, the Mentoring Coordinator looks for certain attributes in mentoring applicants:

  • Well organized with good time management skills
  • Self-motivated
  • Wants to help fellow student-athletes better themselves
  • Good study habits

Interested parties can download the peer mentor application for either the summer (.doc) or the fall (.doc). Please fill out the application in its entirety, attach a copy of your resume to the back of the application, and submit it in person to the Mentoring Coordinator, Cristi Allen. Applications are accepted year-round. 

The hours are flexible and can range from 3-10 a week. Wages are competitive.