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Learning Resource Center feedback

"This was my first time attending the SMART lab and I loved it! So much help was provided. I will be here very often."

"Amy is very helpful and works on helping me understand the subject rather than just giving me the answer." (Accounting)

"Allison was full of energy and very friendly. She was very willing to help me out and made me feel comfortable with stats. (I usually do not!)" (Statistics)

"Andreea was very patient with me and actually helped me with the couple questions I had. Everybody at the front desk were very kind and welcoming, which I appreciated as well."

"Honestly, I felt comfortable asking all my questions and got good feedback from my tutor Makenzie. (Statistics)"

“Tutors can explain concepts thoroughly taking into account the simplest of things”

Very easy to understand the material the way Paola words her explanations.

“Pujitha knows how to teach me in a way that I understand. She is very clear, patient, and encouraging. (Chemistry/Biology)”

“Samuel knows his stuff. I have gone to other tutors and he’s my favorite. (Physics)

"Sarah has great tips for linguistics. They help me understand.”

“Scott is awesome J (Kinesiology)” 

“I love Yongmei!!! Best tutor here. (Chemistry)”