• Help with the UDWPE

UDWPE Prep Sessions and Workshops

The Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam measures a skill that takes time to develop. There is no quick and easy way to prepare for it. The best preparation is to have done a considerable amount of reading and writing, and to have taken writing seriously throughout your high school and college career.  Find out more about the UDWPE here.

For students preparing to take the exam, the LRC provides several tutorial services and writing workshops.

Next UDWPE:  APRIL 25th. 

We Have Four Ways to Prepare:


WORKSHOP: Monday/ Wednesday (April 13-22) and Tuesday/ Thursday (April 14-23)

UDWPE Workshops are a series of intensive writing instruction and practice sessions, totaling 8 hours, for students who have failed the exam or wish to have more preparation. Workshops are offered approximately two weeks before the actual exam


Days/Time:  Mondays and Wednesdays,  April 13, 15, 20, and 22:  1:00 to 3:00pm

Presenter:   Trista Payte

Location:  LRC Computer Lab,  3rd Floor Oviatt Library


Days/Time:  Tuesdays and Thursdays,  April 14, 16, 21, and 23:   2:00 to 4:00pm

Presenter:   Corri Ditch 

Location:  LRC Computer Lab,  3rd Floor Oviatt Library



To sign up:

In person: Stop by the Learning Resource Center and write your name on the sign-up sheet for a particular day and time.
By phone: Call (818) 677-2033 and ask to have your name placed on the sign-up sheet for a particular session.

* Be sure to mark down the day, date, and time of your session. If you can't attend, call (818) 677-2033 to cancel.


A UDWPE Prep session is a two-and-a-half hour, one-time informational and practice writing session for students who have never taken the exam. It includes a practice exam under test conditions. 

Prep sessions are offered approximately one week before the actual exam.   Bring a green book with you. 

Next session: Saturday, April 18th, 9:30am - 12:00pm   

Instructor:  Trista Payte

Location:  Manzanita Hall 130     

For a follow-up conference with a Writing Consultant:
Call or visit the LRC for an appointment during the week immediately after the Prep Session. Follow-up appointments are only 15 minutes long, so it is important to arrive a minute or two early.
Be sure to mark down the day, date, and time of your appointment. If you can't attend, please call (818) 677-2033 to cancel.


- Want to know what the exam will be like?

- Want to learn strategies to use during the exam?

- Want to know what the graders are looking for?

Then come to the UDWPE Boot Camp!  Boot Camp is a one-hour introduction to the exam.  Whether or not you’ve taken the test before, we can help you with test-specific strategies.

THURSDAY, April 23, 1:30 to 2:30pm

Presenter:  Cody Deitz 

Location:  LRC Classroom,  3rd Floor Oviatt Library.   Sorry!   This workshop is now filled. 


FRIDAY, April 24, 2:00 to 3:00pm

Presenter:  Lusine Makarosyan

Location:  LRC Classroom,  3rd Floor Oviatt Library.  Sorry!  This workshop is now filled.  



A 25-minute workshop video is also available for students. The video features information about the exam and offers tips and advice to help students prepare for the exam.
The workshop video can be found here!



An important skill tested by the UDWPE is the ability to present and analyze a brief reading passage on a controversial topic.  This workshop will help you work with the text of the prompt.  You will learn to

  • develop your own position
  • summarize the passage accurately
  • select key ideas to quote or comment on
  • incorporate the reading into your argument smoothly and correctly.


MONDAY, April 20, 2:00 to 3:00pm

Presenter:  Rosie Gabrielyan

Location:  LRC Classroom,  3rd Floor Oviatt Library.       Sign up here!


Help with the May 30 Exam

The May UDWPE still counts for May graduation.  To help students prepare, the University Writing Center will offer both a workshop and a Boot Camp:

The 8-hour UDWPE Workshop:  Tuesday through Friday, May 26 to 29, from 11:00am to 1:00pm:  Presenter:  Trista Payte.

The one-hour UDWPE Boot Camp:  Wednesday, May 27, 12:00 to 1:00pm.   Presenter:  Rosie Gabrielyan   

Check for sign-ups in early May.