• LRC Freshman Writing Lab Jordan


 Writing Lab Tutors are graduate and undergraduate students with strong writing skills, most of whom have experience as Supplemental Instruction Leaders in Stretch Composition classes.  The Tutor Lab serves students enrolled in “Approaches to University Writing” 113AB, 114AB, and 115, and in the Freshman Seminar, U 100. 

  • Tutors are ready to help students become better writers by acting as advanced peer readers. They can help students think through their projects, model strategies, and share information about academic conventions.
  • They will not edit papers, but will offer students strategies and support as they gain practice finding and fixing their own errors. 

If you are enrolled in "Approaches to University Writing" 113, 114, or 115 in any department, or in University 100, you are invited to make an appointment by calling (818) 677-2033, or coming in person to Oviatt 300.  Students without appointments are not guaranteed a spot, so it is better to call in advance.  Please check in with the student assistant at the desk before entering the lab area.  

Students who need to use a computer lab should visit one of the University's Open Labs or the First Floor of the Library.

To ensure you have a successful appointment, take a look at our Writing Programs Statement of Policies.