Educational Policies Committee Policy Table

Policy #Policy DatePolicy
13-112/4/13Second Baccalaureate Disqualification
12-24/11/12Basic Skills
12-14/11/12Undergraduate Academic Internships
10-312/15/10Upper Division Writing Examination Requirement
10-25/25/10Major and Minor Policy
10-15/25/10Administrative Graduation Policy
09-25/21/09Undergraduate Policy on Withdrawals
09-15/21/09Undergraduate Policy on Repeating Courses
08-411/5/08Repeating Course for Third or Subsequent Time
08-311/5/08Petition/Appeal Process for Honors at Graduation
08-22/25/08Reinstatement after Third Disqualification
08-12/25/08Criterion for Continued Enrollment of Readmitted Previously Disqualified Students
06-14/27/06Awarding a Major and Minor or more than one minor from the same department to the same student
05-46/30/05Graduating-Senior Registration Policy
05-35/3/05Modification of the General Education Program
05-22/25/05Policy on Retention of Student Work
05-12/25/05Policy on Missed Classes
04-14/12/04Policy on Experimental & Selected Topics Courses in General Education
03-411/12/03Process for Reviewing General Education
03-39/18/03Policy on Repeating Courses & Registration Priority
03-25/27/03Procedures for Handling Complaints of Academic Dishonesty Involving Students Who have been Awarded a Degree or Credential
03-13/25/03Written Syllabi for all Undergraduate Courses; For Upper Division GE
02-26/13/02Elimination of Special Probation
02-16/13/02Repeating Courses
01-15/8/01Written Syllabi for all Undergraduate Courses
99-19/28/99Special Major Policy
98-13/31/98Upper Division Writing Requirement
97-49/19/97Double Counting
97-15/14/97Certification of General Education Courses
97-25/14/97General Education Writing Policy
97-35/14/97Basic Subjects Policy
96-11/10/96Declaration of Major by 60 units
95-310/27/95Shortening Length of Change of Program Period
95-27/20/95Medical Withdrawal Policy, Revised
95-14/18/95Student Outcomes Assessment Policy
94-25/30/94Undergraduate Course Repeat Policy
94-35/30/94Revision of the Undergraduate Disqualification Policy
94-14/19/94Repeating Course for Grade Change by Graduate
93-109/16/93Honors at Graduation
93-75/17/93Curriculum Review Process
93-85/17/93Standardized Breaks in Classes
93-95/17/93Touch Tone Registration to Drop Courses
93-14/26/93Nine Unit Upper Division GE Requirement
93-24/26/93Written Syllabi for General Education Courses
93-33/26/93Registration Priority for Continuing Freshmen
93-53/26/93Academic Advisement for Probationary Students
93-63/26/93Academic Advisement for Students With Undeclared Majors and 90 units
93-43/24/93Probationary Students, Set Maximum Unit Load of
92-110/5/92EPC/GSC Joint Subcommittee on the Curriculum Process: Experimental Course Propoals and Special Topics
92-210/5/92Trial Procedure for Regular Curriculum
92-310/5/92Grading Policy, Faculty Definition of
92-410/5/92Academic Internships
91-29/30/91Faculty Authored Material
91-14/1/91General Education Section E, Applied Arts and Sciences
90-210/8/90Course Numbering System
90-16/18/90General Education Section F-2, Comparative Cultural Studies
89-12/26/90Academic Minor
89-12/15/90Allocation of Instructional Support Staff Positions
88-211/14/88Disqualification Policy
88-15/31/88Independent Study
87-15/18/87Audit Grade
87-44/20/87Honors Program Criteria
87-54/20/87Supervised Off-Campus Experiential Education (SOCEE)
87-23/23/87Due Dates for Grades
87-31/1/87Appointment, evaluation, promotion, and tenure of Academic Administrative Personnel
86-25/19/86Entry Level Math Test
86-44/21/86English Placement Test
86-12/17/86Credit/No Credit and Repeat Policy
86-32/17/86Lower Division Writing Requirement
85-110/21/85Advisement for Students on Probation
84-310/22/84Honors at Graduation
84-410/22/84Simultaneous Enrollment in a Class
84-23/26/84Undergraduate Repeat Policy
84-12/20/84Second Bachelor's Degree
83-23/7/83Faculty Initiated Drop
83-12/24/83Administrative Withdrawal
82-311/1/82University General Education Program
82-26/1/82Academic Dishonesty
82-14/26/82Review Day Policy
81-26/1/81Double Counting, Waiver, Substitution, and Substitution-in-Lieu-of-Waiver
81-15/4/81Submission of coursed for inclusion in the new GE program; Overlap Credit for GE courses
80-45/15/80Competency Requirements for Credential Candidates
80-34/24/80General Education Courses (submission of)
80-23/27/80Credit by Evaluation
80-112/13/79General Education Program
79-311/15/79Repeated Courses
79-29/27/79English Placement Test
79-14/19/79Moratorium on Net Increase in Number of Course Offerings
78-2A11/16/78Credit for Remedial Courses
78-2B11/16/78Writing Skills Requirement
78-14/20/78Supervised Off-Campus Experiential Education
77-15/19/77Repeated Courses
76-19/23/76Graduation Dates
75-612/11/75Experimental and Selected Topics Courses
75-510/16/75Credit/No Credit Courses
75-34/17/75Awarding Honors at Graduation
75-44/17/75Uniform University Policy on Retention of Student Work
75-12/6/75Concurrent Enrollment of Extension Student in Regular Classes
75-22/6/75Second Bachelor's Degree
74-34/25/743+1 Unit Format
74-23/21/74Guidelines for the Minor
74-12/21/74Deadline Date for Adding Classes
72-19/28/72Multiple-Subjects Major Fulfilling General Education Requirements
72-29/28/72Minors for Credential Students
72-39/28/72Overlap Credit for Courses in general Education and the major
72-49/28/72U.S. History and Constitution Requirement
72-64/20/72Bachelor's Degree--Second Degree/Dual Major
72-74/20/72Late Partial Withdrawals
72-84/20/72Credit by Examination
72-52/24/72Evaluation of Students
68-11/31/68Scheduling of Instruction (Faculty Teaching Assignments)