• ASSA Graduates

Current Athletes


Fall registration is currently in progress.  If you have not already done so, please contact your Athletic Advisor as soon as possible to discuss your courses.  If you have any questions, please schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Advising Centers

As a student athlete, you are required to meet with both your Athletic Advisor and your Major Advisor.  Holds are placed on student records until we receive your signed academic contract.

Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam

Every student must pass the UDWPE in order to graduate. Students may take the test after completing a total of 56 semester units and after completing both the lower division writing requirement and 56 units.  All students are required to attempt the Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam no later than the semester in which they are going to reach 75 units. Failure to do this will result in a registration hold.  There are seven WPE exams offered per year.  You can view registration and test dates using the following link: Test and Registration Dates.

Important Dates and Current Information

Open Enrollment for Fall 2015: Begins on July 13th. At that time, extra unit authorizations may be requested and granted. 

Repeat Enrollment begins August 10th.  If you need to re-enroll in a previously taken CSUN course, you may do so on or after this date. 

School Starts August 24th. 

For all important dates and future semesters, please refer to the Admissions and Records website.