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  • Scores from the September exam are in, and you can check yours in your Portal. You need a score of 8 or higher to pass the WPE. If you did not pass and need help, please see "What if I fail?" 
  • Registration for the November exam is now open.
  • Last spring, we piloted a new format for the WPE. All computer-based tests in November will use that new format and a different scoring guide (see Sample Essays and Scoring Guide). In November, we will also offer a small paper-based version of the pilot for 200 students on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are interested, choose the "Pilot - Paper Based" session during the registration process.
  • If you sign up for either a computer-based exam or the paper-pilot WPE and you wish to take one of our free workshops, make sure to register for the "Pilot Format UDWPE Workshop." You can find more information about scheduled workshops on the LRC website: www.csun.edu/lrc

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