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Mathematical Content for the Web

This website provides a overview on How to Create, View and Listen to Math Content on the Web.

Mathematics is a core branch of education and is required in most other educational fields. In general, mathematical education involves the use of symbols, operators, etc. that are very unique to Mathematical Studies. With the advent of the World Wide Web, more and more Math teachers want to use the Internet as a means of pedagogy between them and their students. However, using these symbols, operators, etc. used, is generally quite complex and, therefore, most of the time cannot be rendered on the World Wide Web using Standard HTML format. The W3C recommends the use of MathML to display math content on the web. MathML not only makes it easier to display math content on the web, but also makes it accessible to students with a multitude of learning styles.

Creating Math Content

In order to create Math Content at CSUN, content creators need to

Step One: Ready Your Workspace

See your local technical support staff.

They will assist you in setting up Dreamweaver or a different web editor such as KompoZer on your computer. A Webdrive will also need to be set up for you.

Using the Webdrive

In order to post math content in a webpage on the CSUN web network, you must first have a university webdrive folder. Don't have one? Contact the IT Help Center online or call 818-677-1400
Mapping a Webdrive Reference Guide (PDF, 384 KB). (Download Adobe Reader)
Once the Webdrive has been mapped, you can go to the following section which discusses how to add Math Content to your webpage.

Step Two: Creating Math Content for the Web

After completing the above steps, you should be able to display Math Content on the Web.